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Feature image for Maia Angel Crystal Gems Bullet Vibrator. Image shows vibrator on white surface with small crystals surrounding it, with a black background.

Review: Maia Angel Crystal Gems Bullet Vibrator

Maia Angel Crystal Gems Bullet Vibrator Review Sometimes, you have a pretty firm opinion formed on a company. But then, something like the Maia Angel Bullet Vibrator comes along and craps all over it. I was sure, positive, absolutely certain, that Maia only made toys that were good on the eye

Fetish and Sexuality

Feature photo for the Black HoD600 Silicone Chastity Review. The chastity devce and a Bette Page spanking paddle are laid on top of a black sheet.

Review: Black HoD600 Silicone Chastity Device

Black HoD600 Silicone Chastity Review There was a time chastity seemed to me to be something only for the true BDSMsters. It was hardcore. The ultimate in submission. And whilst I still believe that to be true, I mean it takes a thorough submission to relinquish control over your cock


Feature image. Close up of eye with tear coming out of corner. Red handprint over image

Share Your Pain & It Will Go Away

Share Your Pain and It Will Go Away Content warning: Domestic Abuse and Suicide. Two months have passed and I want to believe that this time I’ll have the strength. That I’ll have the tools to destroy the seeds he planted and nurtured, so attentively, for so long. I will

Sex Advice

Feature photo for Reasons Why I Love Clit Vibes post. Kissing lips next to the tip of a clitoral vibrator.

10 Reasons Why I Totally Love Clit Vibes

10 Reasons Why I Totally Love Clit Vibes I am far from alone in the fact that I can’t get enough of clit vibes. They rock my world. Light up my life. Tickle my pickle. Basically, I am just completely in love with these motorised orgasm enhancers. If there is

Sinful Sunday

A Mermaid Underneath - Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday – A Mermaid Underneath

“I must be a Mermaid. I have no fear of depth and a great fear of shallow living.” – Anais Nin Click the lips for more sexy transmogrification photos! Share This:


Feature image for January Favourites - Teddy's, Teaching & Toys blog post. Shows faded image of the Maia Skyler rabbit on blue background, with january favorite written over it.

January Favourites – Teddy’s, Teaching & Toys

January Favourites – Teddy’s, Teaching & Toys Firstly, I’ve missed you! It’s only been a week since I last hammered at my keys, but it feels a little more like forever. I actually think I have forgotten how to write. This cold weather does my moods zero good and makes


Feature photo for An Arachnophobia Nightmare. Silhouette of a large hairy spider.

An Arachnophobia Nightmare

An Arachnophobia Nightmare A short story inspired by this incredible image by Sub Bee.  With a gasp of breath so deep it made my head rush, I shot up from my unsettling slumber. I gripped the quilt, panting in short bursts, squeezing my thighs together. That was a special kind


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