Feature image for Maia Angel Crystal Gems Bullet Vibrator. Image shows vibrator on white surface with small crystals surrounding it, with a black background.

Review: Maia Angel Crystal Gems Bullet Vibrator

Review: Maia Angel Crystal Gems Bullet Vibrator

Maia Angel Crystal Gems Bullet Vibrator Review

Sometimes, you have a pretty firm opinion formed on a company. But then, something like the Maia Angel Bullet Vibrator comes along and craps all over it. I was sure, positive, absolutely certain, that Maia only made toys that were good on the eye and mediocre on the junk. Even as a lover of all things that vibrate, I was somewhat dreading wasting yet another perfectly good wank on an average vibe. I like my wanks to be well above average. I like them to be superb. Exceptional. Rock the bed and raise the roof fucking fucktastic. Fortunately, that is exactly what this Angel had in store for me.


The crisp white packaging is simple in the sleekest and sexiest kind of a way. The sturdy rectangular box has a door that can be opened to reveal the Maia magic inside. This gift-worthy box also contains a black satin storage pouch and charging cable.

Image of the Maia Angel Crystal Gems Bullet Vibrator Packaging. A white rectangular box with window showing the Maia Angel.
Maia Angel Crystal Gems Bullet Vibrator Packaging


The Maia Angel is like a bullet vibrator that drunk some growth potion. It’s not huge, but it is certainly bigger than your average bullet, with a length of 4.7 inches. This does give it the ability to double up as a vaginal vibe whilst still being petite enough to use between two bonking bods though. So, it’s really nothing but a good thing. Especially as the Angel is still feathery-light.

At less than 3 inches in circumference, it is about 3 inches short of being a vagina filler for me. As a vaginal toy, it would be most suitable for people new to insertables, or those suffering from discomfort during penetration.

My personal favourite clit vibe shape is the very popular lipstick-style tip. The Maia Angel features this clit-stick design, with a 45 degree slant at its tip. This is the perfect shape to play with various levels of precision, from the pinpoint edge to the broader slanted surface.

Maia may have surprised me with their motor, but they stuck with being good on the eye. This lilac clit-blitzer has a silicone coating, but with the hardness of a plastic toy. At its base is a beautiful geometric mirrored design, with a ‘crystal’ button for added luxe. This waterproof wonder even looks glisteningly-good as it buzzes away at the bottom of my bathtub.

Image of the Maia Angel Crystal Gems Bullet Vibrator with white usb charging cable plugged into the side.
Charging the Maia Angel Crystal Gems Bullet Vibrator


The Maia Angel Bullet Vibrator has 25 different ways to buzz your bits to their breaking point. With various speed intensities and patterns, it can tease and please or just get right down to the business of the end game. Plus, the massive array of experiences that fall in between that very clearly made-up masturbation spectrum.

All these functions are controlled by just the one crystal button though, which does mean a whole lot of clicking to get to your clit’s fav. Unless it’s like the first setting, in which case you’re just damn lucky and I very slightly envy you.

Close up image of the Maia Angel Crystal Gems Bullet Vibrator Button. A circular faux crystal gem button at the bottom of the vibrator.
Maia Angel Crystal Gems Bullet Vibrator Button


This is where Maia stunned me. I honestly believed their only supplier of motors was BuzzyMotors LTD. (I might have made that up). They have definitely let my clit and I down a few times with their inability to supply the rumbles. However, that is very much not the case with the Maia Angel Bullet Vibrator. This vibe has got the rumbles I want. I really, really, want.

On top of those deliciously deep vibrations, it also has a decent amount of power. It may not roar like a wired wand, but really, nothing does, does it? For a bullet vibe, the Maia Angel can be very proud of its powerful capabilities. I mean, if it wasn’t an inanimate object…

Unfortunately, as with most decent vibes, this thing makes quite the racket. My neighbours may not hear the buzz, but anyone in my house certainly would.

Image of the Maia Angel Crystal Gems Bullet Vibrator Storage Pouch with the toy laid on top of it.
Maia Angel Crystal Gems Bullet Vibrator Storage Pouch

Play Time

I was so sceptical about the ability of Maia to get me off that I grabbed my favourite bullet vibe as well as the Angel, before leaping in bed for play time. The second I clicked that glistening gem though, my clit perked up with interest.

‘Is that rumbles I hear?’

It soon got its answer, as I went straight in for the pleasure zone to see if my senses were playing tricks on me. The slightly broad tip still had all the precision I need and love and it pressed comfortably against my clitoris. Even on the lowest setting, I could feel the surprising deepness of the Maia Angel’s vibrations. I prepared for a rise in power to reduce its rumble, but my clit remained deeply satisfied. The buzz I hate so much never came. All that came was me, amidst one of the many teasing patterns, with visions of naked, sexy people in my mind.

Next time I am testing a toy I am sceptical about, the Maia Angel will be what I grab to bail me out of orgasm frustration.

Close up image of the Maia Angel Crystal Gems Bullet Vibrator Angled Tip.
Maia Angel Crystal Gems Bullet Vibrator Angled Tip


The Maia Angel Crystal Gems Bullet Vibrator is proof that you don’t need to spend a fortune for an exceptional vibrator. This little vibe has all the rumble and power my clitoris could ever need or want. Anyone looking for a pocket-sized clit pleaser would find few that compare to this genital gem and the many, many orgasms it has to offer.

You can find the Maia Angel Crystal Gems Bullet Vibrator here for $39

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Huge thanks to PeepShow Toys for sending me the Maia Angel Crystal Gems Bullet Vibrator in exchange for an honest review! Affiliate links are used in this post.

Maia Angel Bullet Vibrator

Maia Angel Bullet Vibrator

Orgasm Rating

10.0 /10


9.0 /10

Noise (1=loud)

4.0 /10


9.0 /10


9.5 /10


  • Body Safe Materials
  • Rumbling Vibrations
  • Powerful
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable


  • Loud

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  1. I bought this for my wife. She was a little hesitant at first but once she tried it out she fell in love.

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