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Hello Sexy People!

I’m Aurora Glory. Borderline kinkster, sex nerd, blowjob enthusiast and lover of books. If you really want to give me a girl boner though, talk to me about sex throughout history or the psychology of sex. That’s the stuff guaranteed to give my brain an orgasm.

ByAuroraGlory was started in 2016 as a dumping ground for all my sex-related thoughts. Since I first discovered sex was a thing, it has fascinated me far beyond anything else. I once sat in wide-eyed captivation as my sister first introduced me to the joys of the blowjob. My ears had never heard anything quite so exciting and I’ve been hungry to learn more and more ever since.

Despite my obvious fascination with all things sex, I’m one of the many struggling with a lack of libido. A combination of SSRI’s, sexual anxiety and abuse have defeated my vagina. I have solo orgasms aplenty, but I’d rather write about sex than actually have it with a person…

Watch this space though, if anyone has the determination to fight the libido-lack, it is me.

The aim of my sex blog game is to increase sexual confidence. Through self-acceptance, self-discovery, body positivity and fun! I believe desire is the same, whether it’s for feet, urine or whipped cream covered nipples. If it’s consensual and legal, it’s all good in the clitoral hood.

Pretend I didn’t say that…

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What Sexy Goodness Can I Find Here? 

I’m a sucker for a sexy photo so you can expect Sinful Sunday entries most weeks. These are erotic photo-based posts of me. The community has helped me gain confidence and love for the body I once didn’t want to look at. It’s a lot of fun and I get to perve on lots of other bloggers photos too!

Occasionally I have fun with a bit of erotic writing. My sexual experiences have been entirely cis-hetero up to now so, unfortunately, my erotica thus far reflects this. They are usually 1000 word flash fiction pieces that warrant a mid-write wank break. At least they get someone off…

And then there are the educational posts I go research nutty on. From vanilla to kinky and everything in between that happened to catch my interest. I combine personal experience with thorough research to create posts that are both interesting and helpful.

One thing you’re going to see a lot of are my random musings. These are usually personal posts that give me the opportunity to verbally vomit whatever is going on in my sex obsessed brain. Despite this, I try to only write things from an angle that would be beneficial to you.

And then there are the sex toy reviews, which require a more thorough explanation…

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Sex Toy Reviews

My reviews are incredibly honest and I always strive to take into account that my preferences may not be the preferences of my readers. If you are here for the sex toy reviews, it may still be helpful to know a little about what gets me off and what just gets me down. I’m a sucker for most types of vaginal toy. Though the curvaceous and realistic get extra Aurora points. As for clitoral stimulation, my clits a diva. It’s power hungry as well as having a preference for pinpoint goodness. And clit stimulation is pretty important to me since I can’t orgasm through internal stimulation alone. Examples of some sex toys that really make me squeal are the:

Noje W1

Sola Cue

Womanizer Premium

Njoy Fun Wand

We Vibe Nova.

You can also find a generous helping of other sex-related reviews. Anything from lubes to ball gags, bondage rope to lingerie, electrosex to massage candles and basically all the things in between.

Find a list of every sex toy I own as well as links to their reviews in my Toy Box!

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