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January Favourites – Teddy’s, Teaching & Toys

January Favourites – Teddy’s, Teaching & Toys

January Favourites – Teddy’s, Teaching & Toys

Firstly, I’ve missed you! It’s only been a week since I last hammered at my keys, but it feels a little more like forever. I actually think I have forgotten how to write. This cold weather does my moods zero good and makes me want to do nothing but unsexily snuggle up in a onesie with a book. So, that is exactly what I have done.

This is why I neeeeed summer. I actually, genuinely, require it right now.


So, books, bed and bad attire were my January, but February will hopefully be a little more on the steamy side. With reviews piling up I am being practically forced into a month of wankathons. Sex blogging is just so hard, right? The Smut Marathon is also starting up again, which means I can put some of the filthy thoughts I’ve been stashing, onto all of your screens. On top of that, I have every intention of getting sinful on an upcoming Sunday too.

But, What About Those Sexy January Favourites? 

Sex Toy

It’s hard to wank when you’re wearing a onesie, so I only managed a few new toy reviews this month. This means that whilst the Maia Skyler Rabbit wasn’t exactly masturbation perfection, it was the best of a mediocre bunch. The actual rabbit is fantastic, it is only the buzzes of the motor that let my girljunk down. Can we just destroy every buzzy motor in the world, please? I want rumbles! Nothing but hardcore fanny-wobbling rumbles.

Image shows my hand bending the shaft back almost 180 degrees.
Maia Skyler Flexible Rabbit Vibrator

Sex Educator/Writer

Okay, so I was looking through all the resources I have included and one of my FAVOURITE sex bloggers in the world was not there. What?! How?! You probably already all know and love her, but Little Switch Bitch deserves a mention anyway. I loved her blog in January and every other month since she created it. Her blog is a treasure trove of all the sexy things, but my personal favourite thing on there is her photography. She is so creative with a camera and has an eye for imagery that I can’t help but envy.

Sexy Read

A Dirty Word by Steph Auteri was already on my Goodreads list when I was asked to do a read and review. So, of course, I said hell yes I will. Basically, it is about a sex writer who reclaimed her sexuality. Am I not, like, the absolute perfect audience for this book? I am only halfway through, but keep an eye out for my upcoming review, this book is great in ways I wasn’t expecting.

Blog Post

With January seeing the start of a whole new year, I got to look back at the best and the worst wanks I had in 2018. There were sex toys that stood out for all the right reasons, and there were toys that stuck out for all the wrong ones. I included them all in Aurora’s Best and Worst Sex Toys 2018 and now I can’t wait to see what surprises come in the direction of my genitals this year.

Feature image for Aurora’s Best and Worst Sex Toys of 2018. A collage of images of different sex toys featured in blog post with title of post written on top.

Random Kink

I believe that anything can be described as a kink if a person feels that way about it. This month, I’ve noticed I feel that very certain way about teaching. Or, more specifically, being taught things. The intellect, the instruction, the submission and personal growth, isn’t it all just so very, very arousing? Throw in a pair of glasses and I’ve practically come already.

And The Not So Sexy Favourites?

No Such Thing As A Fish

I am at unhealthy levels of obsessed with this podcast. It is so damn good that I have completely neglected every single other podcast on my app. Even the sexy ones. This is not good people, I think I need help.

Teddy Bear Coats

When it comes to clothes, I am just all about the comfy. Teddy bear coats are like having a thick fluffy blanket wrapped around you in a way that somehow passes as fashionable. They are the best clothing invention since jeggings.

What sexy things have you been loving most in January? Leave a comment and let me know!

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