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Review: Belou Vibro-Bullet with Clitoral Stimulator

Review: Belou Vibro-Bullet with Clitoral Stimulator

Belou Vibro-Bullet with Clitoral Stimulator Review

One of the things I love most about sex toy reviewing is that it gets me out of my grab-and-buzz funk. I have a terrible habit of grabbing the nearest high-powered rumbler and orgasming before I’ve even had a chance to get my horn on. Sex toys like the Belou Vibro-Bullet with Clitoral Stimulator remind me of why I started masturbating in the first place. For the thrill of the build-up, the orgasm chase, the infuriatingly good moments spent hanging over the edge. Sex toys like this give me a chance to get horny before I get off.


There is nothing quite as disappointing as a pricey toy in a cheap-ass box. If I splash the cash, I want something fucktastically fancy to house my genitalia’s new best friend. The box for the Belou Vibro-Bullet definitely meets my fucktastic fancies. The sturdy, pristine white box is sleek, it’s pretty and it made my fingers tingle with excitement when I lifted the lid.

Image of the Belou Vibro-Bullet Packaging. A cuboid white box with Belou written on lid.
Belou Vibro-Bullet Packaging


There are people who think rose gold is a posh word for copper, and there are people like me who should not be trusted with a can of rose gold spraypaint. Any household item that can be painted, will. Unfortunately, sex toys are not one of the items I can get my bad-d.i.y on. So, I was practically peeing my rose-gold pants with excitement when I saw the Belou Vibro-Bullet in all its posh copperesque glory.

The majority of this vibe is made of abs plastic with a pu-coating. This makes it lightweight and transmits the motor’s vibrations better than silicone might. However, if your clit prefers the cushioned softness of silicone, this vibrating egg comes with a silicone attachment for its clitoral arm. It all comes down to whether you’re after more pillow or power. It’s good to have the option.

Close up of the Belou Vibro-Bullet Silicone Attachment on the clitoral arm.
Belou Vibro-Bullet Silicone Attachment

With a 4.5 inch circumference, the vagina-filling egg is, well, slightly filling. It is small enough for most beginners, whilst being large enough to easily hold in place with little pelvic floor effort. Its lightweight design lessens those kegel efforts even further. Mine are far from toned and I don’t have to work one bit to keep this vibe securely in my cunt.

The Belou Vibro-Bullet with Clitoral Stimulator, is a dual stimulation vibrator and as such, comes with the usual dual stimulation woes. Will it fit my anatomy or will the clitoral arm be about 2 inches south of my sweet spot? Frustratingly, the entire toy is completely rigid, meaning the designer put approximately zero thought into fixing this well-known dual-stim nightmare.

Image of the Belou Vibro-Bullet without silicone pillow attachment.
Belou Vibro-Bullet

Remote Control

As with most love-egg style vibes, the Belou Vibro-Bullet is powered via remote control. In fact, the only way to power it is via the remote. So, basically, don’t lose it.

This wireless controller has four buttons to connect with the egg, control the four vibrating modes and the four separate speeds. Apparently, they really like the number four. If you’re nude, the egg is highly responsive. However, once clothes are between the remote and its vibe, things get a little less responsive. Add a duvet into the mix and you can just forget about it.

It’s a pretty risky sex toy for public use unless you’re wearing very light fabric or have an exhibitionism kink…

And we haven’t even got to the volume yet.

Image of the Belou Vibro-Bullet Remote Control with 4 circular buttons and Belou logo.
Belou Vibro-Bullet Remote Control


The charger is definitely the highlight of this sex toy for me. It’s just so damn gadgety and I do love me a bit of sex toy tech. The egg slots into its charger and that’s all there is to it. It’s the perfect storage as well as keeping your vibe full of orgasm-inducing juice.

The remote control takes batteries, which are included.

Image of the Belou Vibro-Bullet Charging cradle with egg inserted and usb charging cable attached.
Belou Vibro-Bullet Charger


You all know by now that I am a sucker for lots of power and lots of rumbles. The Belou Vibro-Bullet with Clitoral Stimulator has a little of each. But lots? Unfortunately, not.

This is a vibrator for people who like mild buzzes with a dash of rumble thrown into the mix. It does have some power to please my pussy, but on a scale of ‘I feel nothing’ and ‘My clit is being rubbed off’, it sits snuggly in the middle.

I’m not sure I would be satisfied if it tipped either end of that scale anyway…

Unfortunately, there is way too much volume to its vibes for me to consider using it anywhere other than a rock concert or the privacy of my own home. Rock and I broke up when I turned 20, so thus far my bed is the only one to have seen any Belou Vibro-Bullet action.

Image of the Belou Vibro-Bullet with its Remote control laid next to it.
Belou Vibro-Bullet with Remote

Play Time

I had already felt the vibes, so I went at this with the expectation of nothing but frustration. Sufficiently lubed up, I slipped it in and laid back with my legs closed and remote in hand. I was fortunate enough for the vibe to fit snugly with my anatomy, the clitoral arm stretching over my vulva and its tip settling smack-bang over my clit.

Ruby Rose fantasy scrolling through my mind, I clicked the remote and got down to business. Initial frustration, closely followed by yummy-scrummy-cunt-dripping goodness. This vibe had just the right amount of rumble and power to build me up deliciously gradually until I reached that glorious moment where I might cry if I don’t find release. I can’t believe I let myself forget this feeling. It was the whole reason I fell head-over-heels in love with sex.

I’m not sure even with the strongest of willpower, I’d ever be able to use this until it brought me to release. It is just shy of having enough power. But, somehow, that is what I love about it. It is like the perfect foreplay, so when I reach for my heavy-duty sex toy goods, I am actually in a desperate state of orgasmic-need. Instead of my usual level of 1% horn.

This makes the Belou Vibro-Bullet, in my opinion, the ideal couples toy.

Unfortunately, whilst I have got the toy, I am personally lacking in the ‘couple’ part of that equation.

Belou Vibro-Bullet inside charging cradle, with the remote control clipped onto the clitoral arm.
Belou Vibro-Bullet Remote Clip For Storage


The Belou Vibro-Bullet with Clitoral Stimulator is a luxurious toy for couples. It makes the ideal sexy tool for foreplay and will tip some people all the way over the edge of orgasm. Whilst it is not an egg suitable for public play, it will definitely bring ample play to your private places. If you’re looking for a toy that could leave you in a puddle pleading, there is a good chance that this could be it.

You can find the Belou Vibro-Bullet with Clitoral Stimulator here for €129

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Huge thanks to Orion for sending me the Belou Vibro-Bullet with Clitoral Stimulator in exchange for an honest review!

Belou Vibro-Bullet

Belou Vibro-Bullet

Orgasm Rating

7.5 /10


6.5 /10

Noise (1=loud)

6.0 /10


9.0 /10


7.5 /10


  • Remote Control
  • Various Vibration Functions
  • Beautiful Packaging


  • Rigid Structure
  • Too Loud For Public Use

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