Sexual Anxiety – The Catch 22 Since the dawn of my blog, I have wanted to write this post. The problem is, I couldn’t work out how it could benefit you, as the reader. I don’t know the answer to curing my sexual anxiety. I’m still amidst the nightmare. SoRead More →


Someone very close to me had suffered from vaginismus for a long time. I’ve witnessed the struggles that it can cause. It’s more than just about the physical pain. Vaginismus can affect confidence, relationships and even the ability to get pregnant. Although it’s thought to be a psychological disorder, theRead More →


Having weak pelvic floor muscles can cause numerous problems. After ignoring my midwife and skipping my post-baby exercises a few that I experienced were leaking urine when being sick or when on a trampoline and reduced vaginal sensation. We all want a tight vagina for ourselves and often for ourRead More →

Sex Toy Materials

   Even after years of experience with sex toys, I still didn’t really know much about the materials used to make them. I knew phthalates were a no-no but that was about as far as my knowledge on sex toy materials went. It eventually occurred to me that I should probably beRead More →