Sinful Sunday – Underdressed, Overexposed

Sinful Sunday - Underdressed Overexposed

I am a sucker for an overexposed photograph. I shamelessly add exposure to my photos when I know I really shouldn’t. And I like them more for it. Interestingly though, it seems I am perhaps an anomaly in that. When I searched the internet looking for advice on how to create a naturally overexposed image, I was caught in a cyber web of how NOT to. So, I reversed their advice, grabbed my favourite lingerie, and beamed as much light as possible in my direction.

This is the best I could do with the wrong advice and a lot of post editing. Underdressed and overexposed.

Sinful Sunday - Underdressed Over Exposed


For more overexposed sinners, click the lips below 😉

Sinful Sunday

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39 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday – Underdressed, Overexposed

  1. Violet says:

    This is a profoundly stunning image. Like, jaw dropping. I share your aesthetic for bright images; I like how graphic they become.

  2. Jo says:

    This is beautifully artistic and wouldn’t be misplaced in a gallery – I love how all the black lines of the leather pop against your pale skin; you’re the sexiest spider web!

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