October Favourites – Thwacks, Photo’s & Frothy Drinks

October Favourites – Thwacks, Photo’s & Frothy Drinks

October. A month that was very hit and miss for me. My blog turned one. Hit. I ranked number 42 in the Kinkly list. Hit. I got to guest on my favourite podcast, Proud To Be Kinky. Hit. And then there were the misses. Like a smear test result that left me in panicked tears for days. A procedure on my cervix following the results that has left my vagina a no-entry zone. And relationship issues that are both stressful and exhausting. So suffice to say, the October filled with spooky blog goodness turned into one photo. That I actually didn’t look remotely spooky in. Fail.

But November is here and I’m hoping it will light some fireworks in my life. Even if it’s just a sparkler or one of those ones that has a peeeeew with no bang. I’m not fussy. Any will do.  Even if it’s not in my life and just, you know, in my knickers. Because a month with no penetration is taking its toll. Anyway, it’s not all been stress and tears, so here are my monthly favourites.

My Sexy October Favourites

Sex Toy

Judge me all you want, but I misplaced my We Vibe Tango and grabbed the next best thing. My Lelo Nea 2. I know, I know, total shame. But I like abs plastic and I like powerful rumbling vibrations. So as shitty as Lelo’s choices have been, the Nea 2 still does what most of my toys fail at. Give me a ‘What the hell is her face doing?’ type orgasm. You know the ones I mean, right? No? Oh, um.. Well, moving on.

Lelo Nea

Sex Writer/Educator

You might have noticed I’m a bit of a fan of Sinful Sunday. I just love erotic photography. It’s hot and it’s interesting and I wish I could produce the type of photos Exposing40 churns out every week. She seems to be equally talented at both photography and modelling and manages to find perfect locations for her photographs. As a total novice, I look up to and admire her greatly. Talented. Just so damn talented.


Pfft. I wish.


I’m going to go with the one photo, or in fact thing on my blog, that was remotely halloweenesque.  Well, at least it was supposed to be. I’m not sure my face does spooky. And in the end, I saw it as more of a kinky, submissive theme. Which is actually kinda hot to me. Marionette roleplay is definitely now on my to-do list.

Sinful Sunday - Marionette Doll

Kinky Something

I’ve been having some conflicts in regards to kink lately. Or at least receiving pain. Which is something I may verbally vomit into some form of a blog post eventually. But, despite my conflicts, the Zado Heart Paddle thwacked me good. Coursing pain subsided into a warm glow. Lush.

Blog Post

After my marionette doll photograph, I was intrigued by doll fetishes. And so delved into the world of Agalmatophilia in this post. I spent hours and hours researching all the ways dolls, mannequins and statues get people hot. And all the ways they might enjoy that fetish. It was fascinating. But mostly made me really wish I could afford a Real Doll.

And The Not So Sexy Things?


With all the stress and worry I’ve had this month, finding something that helped me switch off was just what I needed. So I coloured my way through fear and anger. Did you know you can get swear words colouring books? This is definitely something I need.

Hot Chocolate

I’ll let you decide whether it’s just so good it deserves a mention, or my life is just that incredibly dull.

What things have you been loving over October? Did you see any great Halloween themed blog posts? I’d love to read them!

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  1. You have done amazingly well with your blog and the wonder of human nature is we can put aside the bad stuff, reflect on the good – which gives us hope and confidence that tomorrow will bring a bright day – am so philosophical today 😉

    1. Author

      Thank you! You’re absolutely right. Sometimes it is so easy to dwell on the negatives. I am feeling a lot better now though, just so ready to be able to use dildos again lol!
      Aurora x

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