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The Story Of Me

Once upon a time, there was a girl…

For over 20 years she thought she was weird, abnormal, messed up. She struggled with shame and guilt over her desires and hid them from the world around her. And then, at 23 years old, she stumbled upon a sex-positive forum that would change her life. For the first time she felt not only validated and understood, but she actually felt normal. No kink was shamed. No desire was dirtied. Every member was different and every member was accepted.

So she dived into her new online world. Her fascination with sex growing stronger and stronger. Until one day she decided it wasn’t enough. She had more to say and she had more to give. With a thirst for sex-related knowledge, an empathy that made any kink understandable and a naturally non-judgemental attitude; it was like the puzzle of her life, finally slotting together.

One tech nightmare later and ByAuroraGlory was born. Slowly she revealed more and more of the shames she had kept hidden for so long. Within a community of open-minded people, she began to love the things she was once so ashamed of. And with that self-acceptance, she developed a lust for new experiences and new sensations. An insatiable hunger for kink.

But Aurora was a greedy girl. She couldn’t choose just one topic. She wanted to cover them all! She wanted to talk sex, gender equality, fetish and dildos. She wanted to take photos, make videos and touch every inch of the web with her passion for the sex-positive. She wanted to make sure no one had to feel the shame she had tortured herself with for so long.

And so, that is exactly what she did…

That’s not the end of the story. That is only the beginning. Who knows where Aurora Glory’s journey will take her… I guess you’ll have to follow her blog to find out! Or Twitter… Or Instagram… Or Facebook

And as a thank you for reading my story… Here are some smutty pictures.

Sex Toy Reviews

My reviews are incredibly honest and I always strive to take into account that my preferences may not be the preferences of my readers. If you are here for the sex toy reviews, it may still be helpful though to know a little about what gets me off and what just gets me down. For instance, I’m a sucker for most types of vaginal toy. Though the curvaceous and less draggy get extra Aurora points. As for clitoral stimulation, my clits a diva. It’s power hungry as well as having a preference for pinpoint goodness. And clit stimulation is pretty important to me since I can’t orgasm through internal stimulation alone. I also can’t squirt, but I’m constantly on the hunt for a toy that may make it possible. Examples of some sex toys that really make me squeal are the We Vibe Tango, Icicles No7 Dildo, Womanizer W500, Njoy Fun Wand and the We Vibe Nova.

You can also find a generous helping of other sex-related reviews. Anything from lubes to ball gags, bondage rope to lingerie, electrosex to massage candles and basically everything in between.

If you are looking for reviews of anal toys, extra large vaginal toys, penis toys or more niche kink products like sounds, I recommend checking out some other sex toy review blogs for those. You could start with my blogroll since it’s full of super amazing sex bloggers!

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