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Lelo Sona Cruise Review

Lelo Sona Review – An Orgasm Like No Other

Lelo Sona Review Let me introduce you to the sex toy that did something NO other sex toy has ever done. Something I have been trying to achieve for 8 years. A thing I have researched for hours; tried every method and had eventually given up all hope on. The

Fetish and Sexuality

Zado Heart Spanking Paddle Review

Zado Heart Spanking Paddle Review

Zado Heart Spanking Paddle Review One. Thud. Damn, that sound. That delicious sound of a leather paddle purposefully kissing my ass with force. Two. Thud. The deep broad sting of leather repeating its previous path. Three. Thud. The heat of pain spreading from its home. Travelling to the surrounding areas


Radical Acceptance

Radical Acceptance In Relationships

Radical Acceptance In Relationships Let’s just start by reiterating that I am not in any way qualified in, well, anything. But more importantly, what I am discussing here. This post is a collection of what I’ve learnt in years of therapy, research and my own personal experiences of radical acceptance.

Sex Advice

Bad Parents Sex Guide

The Bad Parents Guide To Some Form of a Sex Life

The Bad Parents Guide To Sex Before we dive into my very ‘interesting’ parents guide to sex, I should probably add some clarity to one thing. This is not a guide for bad parents. Let’s face it, we’re all doing the best we can to make them as unfucked up

Sinful Sunday


Sinful Sunday – A Little Moody

Something I love about Sinful Sunday, on top of everything else, is that it shows a glimpse into the timeline of my life. And in a rather fun and sexy way. The truth is that this week I’ve been a little moody and a little stressed out. So, whilst I grabbed

Random Musings

satisfyer giveaway

Win A Satisfyer Pro Bundle For a Valentine’s Day That Sucks!

Valentine’s Satisfyer Giveaway! My Valentine’s day is already planned. On February 14th I will be having a day filled with orgasms, chocolate and a bath with too many bubbles. Amazing! But, the thing that will make my day absolutely perfect is knowing I was able to send one of my


Wicked Wednesday - Neighbours in the Hay

Wicked Wednesday – Neighbours in the Hay

It had been years. Years since I’d inhaled the familiar scent of damp crumbling streets and manure. The smell of my home, my childhood. The warmth of nostalgia was short lived though, as I stumbled across the gravel path to the local pub and cursed as my heels dug into


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