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Feature image for the Lureink Silicone Kegel Balls review. Both holders containing balls, and the rest of the balls, laid over the white satin storage pouch.

Review: Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Set

Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Set Review We all know the importance of Kegel exercises, with bladder control, leak prevention and better orgasms topping the workout results. But somehow, whilst I find the time to wank one out every day, I just forget to work out my pelvic floor. So much

Fetish and Sexuality

Feature photo for the Black HoD600 Silicone Chastity Review. The chastity devce and a Bette Page spanking paddle are laid on top of a black sheet.

Review: Black HoD600 Silicone Chastity Device

Black HoD600 Silicone Chastity Review There was a time chastity seemed to me to be something only for the true BDSMsters. It was hardcore. The ultimate in submission. And whilst I still believe that to be true, I mean it takes a thorough submission to relinquish control over your cock


Radical Acceptance

Radical Acceptance In Relationships

Radical Acceptance In Relationships Let’s just start by reiterating that I am not in any way qualified in, well, anything. But more importantly, what I am discussing here. This post is a collection of what I’ve learnt in years of therapy, research and my own personal experiences of radical acceptance.

Sex Advice


A Single Person’s Guide to a Sexy Christmas

A Singles Person’s Guide to a Sexy Christmas A few years ago I was at a Christmas party. Aside from the chaos that was the children, I was the only person there who was single and alone. The only one who would leave on my own to go to a

Sinful Sunday

Feature photo for sinful sunday. Black and white image of me sat in fishnet lingerie, glittery heel covering half of the image.

Sinful Sunday – Sex In The Fog

Anyone who follows me on Twitter and reads my blog may have noticed a pattern. Tweets went from sexy to sad, as I’ve been struggling with losing my sex drive and sexuality. Any blog posts about sex gradually disappeared and were replaced by reviews I could hide behind. It seems like such

Random Musings

Feature photo for July Favourites. Faded image of the Ann Summers Moregasm+ Bullet with 'July Favourites' typed over it.

July Favourites – Violet, Vibes & Voices

I’m not entirely sure what happened, but around mid-July I felt like I got my fire back. It’s no secret my blogging flames had died down to a pile of sizzling embers, the lack of blog posts and disappearing social media presence made that pretty obvious. I never considered giving


Wicked Wednesday

One Text, One Regret – Wicked Wednesday

One Text – One Regret I’d love to say sexual time travel would be of no use to me. That I don’t regret any of the people I’ve had sex with and I didn’t miss out on any sexy opportunities. Unfortunately, neither is remotely true. But, the choices I made


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