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Feature photo for Lovehoney Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic 7" Dildo review. Holding dildo over glittery blue background.

Review: Lovehoney Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic 7″ Dildo

Lovehoney Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic 7″ Dildo What is a sex blogger to do when she gets an ultra-realistic dong in her hands? Suck on it, of course! Or maybe that’s just me? When I come face to face with anything close to the real penis deal, I can’t help but

Fetish and Sexuality

Feature photo for the Black HoD600 Silicone Chastity Review. The chastity devce and a Bette Page spanking paddle are laid on top of a black sheet.

Review: Black HoD600 Silicone Chastity Device

Black HoD600 Silicone Chastity Review There was a time chastity seemed to me to be something only for the true BDSMsters. It was hardcore. The ultimate in submission. And whilst I still believe that to be true, I mean it takes a thorough submission to relinquish control over your cock


Radical Acceptance

Radical Acceptance In Relationships

Radical Acceptance In Relationships Let’s just start by reiterating that I am not in any way qualified in, well, anything. But more importantly, what I am discussing here. This post is a collection of what I’ve learnt in years of therapy, research and my own personal experiences of radical acceptance.

Sex Advice


A Single Person’s Guide to a Sexy Christmas

A Singles Person’s Guide to a Sexy Christmas A few years ago I was at a Christmas party. Aside from the chaos that was the children, I was the only person there who was single and alone. The only one who would leave on my own to go to a

Sinful Sunday

Feature photo. Image of the sky, including moon, with the words 'underneath the evening sky' written over it.

Sinful Sunday – Underneath The Evening Sky

I have to admit, I’m pretty disappointed that I forgot to take a photo especially for this month’s prompt week. I always look forward to Sinful Sunday and am already sad that time constraints meant I had to cut back to only monthly participation. I plan to take a photo for

Random Musings

Feature photo for May Favourites - Bargains, Bondage & Baking. Faded image of beach with feet in centre bottom of photo. Written over it is May Favourites with a red lips clip art added to the bottom right.

May Favourites – Bargains, Bondage & Baking

May Favourites – Bargains, Bondage & Baking Some of you may have noticed I’ve been posting less, Tweeting less, Instagramming less and basically just being a lot less active than I was before. Most of you probably had no idea. The truth is, with Uni, my blog and my beautiful


Wicked Wednesday

One Text, One Regret – Wicked Wednesday

One Text – One Regret I’d love to say sexual time travel would be of no use to me. That I don’t regret any of the people I’ve had sex with and I didn’t miss out on any sexy opportunities. Unfortunately, neither is remotely true. But, the choices I made


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