5 Sex Positions for Plus Size Women

5 Sex Positions for Plus Size Women

I am a curvaceous lady and unfortunately, I do find it has its impact on my bedroom antics. There are certain positions I just can’t bend into anymore and some which are just plain painful. But that doesn’t mean us plus size ladies have to miss out on any of the fun, we just have to know how to work our bodies in the right way.

There are certain positions which are better for plus size women and here are a few of my favourites.

⦁ Doggy, doggy, doggy! If it was up to me I would probably just always do this position. Maybe I’m a bedroom bore but this position is comfortable and really hits the spot. Your man is going to get a bootilicious view as well!

⦁ Find a sturdy side to sit on, whether it be a table or the kitchen side. Your partner can stand facing you and enter you from there. You will have the support of the side to hold your balance. Also, if it’s uncomfortable you can always pop a cushion underneath you.

⦁ Missionary. It’s old hat but sometimes the classics are the best. Lay on your back with your knees bent, your legs open and your feet holding your balance. You could also pop a pillow under your bum to lift your pelvis and increase the chances of g-spot stimulation. Your partner can jump on top and watch as your breasts bounce around. He will love it, as will you.

⦁ Spooning is another position which involves laying down. Which for a plus size lady like me, is a huge bonus. Lay on your side with one or both knees bent up towards your chest. He then lays facing your back and enters you from behind. It may not be a bed rocking experience but it’s intimate and passionate.

⦁ The cowgirl position. This is the one that for me was just painful, as within less than a minute my thighs were burning. However, there were tricks I eventually picked up which made it more manageable. If you want to sit upright then support your weight by holding onto the headboard. I personally found it more comfortable to lean each arm on the bed either side of my partner to support myself. Once I got tired, which I always did, I would stay still whilst my partner thrusted from below. Remember to do it at a comfortable pace for you, or you’re only going to burn out quicker.

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sex positions for plus size women


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