Sex Toy Materials

Sex Toy Materials – Explained

Sex Toy Materials – Explained


 Even after years of experience with sex toys, I still didn’t really know much about the materials used to make them. I knew phthalates were a no-no but that was about as far as my knowledge on sex toy materials went. It eventually occurred to me that I should probably be a little more clued up about what I was inserting into such sensitive areas of my body. Here’s a little bit of what I learnt, so when you are choosing a toy you can make an educated decision on which material to go for. 


Looking out for toys that say ‘phthalate-free’ may not be enough as the lack of regulations means this claim could be false. Phthalates may make toys more flexible and give them a cushioned feel but there is reason to believe they are toxic. The best way to ensure you avoid phthalates is to stay away from jelly rubber, PVC and vinyl sex toys.


Glass sex toys are generally made of Pyrex glass. They are hypoallergenic and the non-porous surface makes them clean and hygienic to use. They are great for temperature play, by placing a toy in the fridge or heating in warm water. Any type of lubricant can be used with glass toys. Glass is hard and rigid so is good for a firm pressure during play. They can also be really beautifully crafted and often look like a piece of art. I have these ones and they are amazing! I would say glass is probably my favourite of all the sex toy materials.

Icicles No7 Glass Dildo


ABS Plastic 

These toys are usually cheaper than other materials. Most of my bullet vibrators are made of plastic and the vibrations travel through them very well. They are compatible with all types of lubricant. Plastic is a hard material so like glass offers firm pressure. It is also non-porous so is safe and hygienic to use. The Lelo Nea is my most powerful ABS plastic vibrator. It’s also one of my favourites!

Lelo Nea



Silicone is often used for more expensive sex toys. It is soft, non-porous and hygienic. It is important to only use a water-based lubricant with silicone toys. They do attract dust so make sure you give them a quick clean before use and keep them in a storage bag if possible. The Gvibe Mini is an example of a luxury silicone toy. This is one of my favourite internal vibrators as the split ends reach areas other toys never could.

Gvibe Mini



Or thermoplastic elastomers are usually a mix of plastic and rubber. This material is often used in real-feel toys and it has a soft, squishy feel. It is hypoallergenic and phthalates free. You should only use water-based lubricant with TPE toys. These toys are porous so are not as hygienic as other materials.


Metal toys are body safe and non-porous. Like glass toys, they can also be used for temperature play. Metal is usually the heaviest of the sex toy materials, which makes for very firm pressure. Any type of lubricant can be used with metal sex toys. This is the one I’ve got my heart set on!

sex toy materials aurora glory

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