Sensory Play – 5 Ways To Arouse Your Partner With Smells

Sensory Play – 5 Ways To Arouse Your Partner With Smells

Sensory play is one of my favourite bedroom activities. It involves wearing a blindfold and having your 4 other senses heightened and stimulated. The heightened awareness of your body leads to completely new erotic experiences. I have decided to do a four-part series covering each sense individually. Smells, Sound, Taste and Touch.

Here are 5 ways to use smells to arouse your partner.

Essential oils – Whether you waft them under your partner’s nose or massage diluted oils into their body, essential oils are a great way to incorporate smells into your bedroom play. Certain oils are recommended for sex. Some of these are ylang-ylang, rose, jasmine, sandalwood and clary sage.

Scented candles – You can buy regular scented candles or even better a scented massage candle. Massage candles combine both smell and touch. Look out for smells like vanilla, patchouli, musk or any scents I mentioned above.

Food – Food can be used to arouse the taste buds but it can also be used for its smell. Waft sexually arousing foods under your partner’s nose to get their senses going. Good foods would be beets, bananas, ginger, strawberries and figs.

Linen Spray – Spritz your sheets with some linen spray in preparation for playtime. Ensure the scent you choose will compliment any other scents you may be using during that session. Also, try to choose one of the oil or candle scents I mentioned above.

Leather – The smell of leather is very arousing. As long as your partner isn’t against leather products this can be a great way to set the mood. The best time to do this is when you have a new leather product as the smell will be stronger. For me, it would preferably be something bondage related like This riding crop.

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  1. You’re not kinky enough heheh. Do you know armpit could be a turn on as well? Armpit fetish is when you either like the smell or the look of armpit itself. I have this fetish since I was young, and I really wanted to lick, smell and kiss women’s armpit. This fetish is not at rare as you think, you can search armpit sex, lick and etc.. So my point is the smell of armpit, especially when aroused, could be a major turn on, I never smell a woman’s armpit though( I wanna save my virgin for marriage), but you can try search for this

    1. Author

      That’s interesting, thank you for your comment. I actually didn’t know that no. Although I think there is a fetish for just about everything really! I’ve no doubt there are many people that make me seem totally vanilla, it’s all perspective I guess 🙂

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