Exercises to Strengthen your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Exercises to Strengthen your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Having weak pelvic floor muscles can cause numerous problems. After ignoring my midwife and skipping my post-baby exercises a few that I experienced were leaking urine when being sick or when on a trampoline and reduced vaginal sensation. We all want a tight vagina for ourselves and often for our partners too. There are products on the market that can help but it’s possible to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles by doing just a few exercises regularly. These exercises also benefit men and are recommended to those suffering from erectile dysfunction or urinary incontinence. It is also something men can do to increase their sexual stamina.

Here are some pelvic floor exercises I recommend

⦁ Squeeze the muscles and hold for up to ten seconds. These are the same muscles you would use to stop the flow of urine. Try to relax your stomach muscles and remember to keep breathing. Gently release and repeat about 15 times. You can do this exercise whilst standing, sitting or even laying down.

⦁ Squeeze the muscles in short bursts. squeeze for a second, release for a second, repeat about 10 times. Again ensure you relax your stomach muscles. You can do this standing, sitting or laying down.

⦁ Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles whenever you cough, sneeze or laugh.

⦁ It is not recommended to do these exercises whilst urinating as it can cause damage to the bladder. However, if you are having trouble identifying which muscles to contract, you could stop urinating mid-flow to get an idea of the movement you need to be doing.

Kegel Balls

There are also products on the market that can really help in strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. The most common product is kegel balls. These are weighted balls you insert into the vagina and use your pelvic muscles to hold in place. The weight you would use depends on a number of factors including, whether you’ve had children and whether you already do pelvic exercises. Here’s a rough guide on what weights you should probably start out with:

  • Beginner that has had a vaginal birth or has bladder control problems – 30g – 60g
  • Beginner with no pelvic floor issues – 60g – 100g
  • Advanced user – 100g +

If you’re completely unsure I recommend getting a set like this one as you can mix them up until you find the weight that is right for you. I have this set and really do recommend it! The ideal weight would be light enough to hold in the vagina but not so light that you don’t need to put any effort into keeping them inserted.
Although kegel balls work perfectly well just as you’re walking around the house, there are also a couple of exercises you can do to increase their effectiveness. Ensure when you insert them they are just inserted into the vaginal opening and not as far up as the cervix.

Exercise 1.

Simply squeezing your pelvic muscles against the ball is an effective exercise. Hold the squeeze for a few seconds and then rest. Repeat ten times. A more advanced exercise is to try moving the balls back and forth with your muscles.

Exercise 2.

A great way of getting in an extra workout is by performing squats whilst wearing your kegel balls. Stand with your feet wide apart and bend your knees into a squatting position. To increase the kegel work out you could go into a deeper squat or attempt to move the balls back and forth whilst in the squatting position.

Or if like me you just can’t be bothered with the hard work. You could buy a Tenscare itouch Pelvic Floor Exerciser then sit back, relax and let the machine do the work for you. I usually grab a cuppa, insert the probe and exercise whilst I’m watching tv or blogging in the evenings.

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