Sinful Sunday – A Little Moody

Sinful Sunday – A Little Moody

Something I love about Sinful Sunday, on top of everything else, is that it shows a glimpse into the timeline of my life. And in a rather fun and sexy way. The truth is that this week I’ve been a little moody and a little stressed out. So, whilst I grabbed my phone with the intention of doing something ridiculous for this weeks photo, (to put a smile back on my face) I decided to capture how I’ve honestly been feeling instead.

P.S – I’m sorry the quality is appalling! No more snapping in selfie mode I think!

Sinful Sunday - A Little Moody

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Sinful Sunday

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  1. You may be moody but those pouty lips are gorgeous

  2. This is incredibly sexy – the gritty quality adds to the image. You are seriously ticking all the right boxes for me. Seriously hot x

  3. I am sorry you have been feeling a bit pants this week but I like that you decided to honour that in your image this week and if it is any consolation you look very sexy in this image


  4. Hopefully the stressfulness is passing. You do look lovely and I’m glad you captured your mood instead of faking cheerful.

  5. I love the second photo, sometimes serious is good, fake smiles just look like fake smiles. xx

  6. The grainy-ness is perfect for the mood of your photos I think.

    Oh, and I also think time-lines are perfect for . . . marking a time to change to the next . . . time-frame.

    Xxx – K

  7. This is raw and very sexy. Sometimes selfie mode is just right.

  8. Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad week and even though the image should reflect that, I still like it. You have beautiful lips!

    Rebel xox

  9. Oh my god your lips – they’re SO luscious!!! The combination of your lips and the collar is tantalizing.

  10. No, don’t stop taking sexy selfies, Aurora! I love these, they are growing on me as I view.

  11. I like how you’ve used your Sinful Sunday image to capture how you’re feeling – though I do hope next week is a little brighter for you. Others have commented on your lips, and I must agree that they are delightfully luscious. x

  12. A great image you have captured. One of your best images you have uploaded for Sinful Sunday. Hope your have a good week.

  13. I don’t want you to be in a grumpy mood but damn that image is smokin hot!

  14. That’s what I like about Sinful Sunday. You may feel crappy but one snap on your phone and you feel a little bit better a little bit alive. You look hot btw!;)

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