Sex Bloggers Talking About... Sex Blogging

Sex Bloggers Talking About… Sex Blogging

Sex Bloggers Talking About… Sex Blogging

Sex Bloggers Talking About… Sex Blogging

9 times out of 10 when I am asked a question, it is about sex blogging. How to start a sex blog. How to get sex toys to review. How to write a sex toy review. And every time I see the question I think, ‘Why are you asking me? Everyone else is a real sex blogger, I’m just tapping at keys and pretending I have some clue as to what it is I am doing. I’m as lost as you are!’ But, instead of going into my impostor syndrome with these questioners, I simply send through the links I wish I had read before I started my sex blog. If you know where to look the sex blogging world is full of amazing tips, tricks and guides that will have you blogging like a pro and skipping all the mistakes I learnt about the hard way.

So here is my valuable list of resources for anyone thinking about starting a sex blog.

Girl On The Net

Girl On The Net was the first sex blog I ever read. She’s amazing. And so, anything she has to say about sex blogging is worth reading. Here are the posts I recommend –

5 Years of Sex Blogging: The Numbers & More

How to Start a Sex Blog

Cara Sutra

Cara Sutra has a whole treasure trove of blogging advice. In fact, I’ve just seen a few new posts on there so I know what I’ll be doing when I’m finished here. There are too many to link them all, so check out her Blogging Advice category and learn from one of the best!

Ace in the Hole

Taryn knows her stuff when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. And lucky for us, she was happy to share all of her techy knowledge. She has a whole category on SEO for sex bloggers. Once your blog is set up, I highly recommend checking it out.

Girly Juice

Kate is a phenomenal writer. And podcaster, but that’s kinda irrelevant. When you admire someone’s talent so much, picking their brain would be like a dream come true. Well, when I found the Blogging & Writing category on her blog that dream came true. Unfortunately, my dreams about Ruby Rose haven’t worked out so wonderfully…

Hey Epiphora

No one can write a sex toy review quite like Epiphora. She excels at judging sex toys in a way that has you realising at 3am that you’ve just read 20 reviews for toys you’d never actually buy. Her snark is just addictive. Fortunately, for all the aspiring and seasoned reviewers out there, she has shared her advice so we can have awesome sex blogs too. But you can’t have her snark, that’s one of a kind.

Epiphora’s Beginners Guide to Sex Toy Reviewing & Blogging

15 Rules For Writing a Sex Toy Review That Doesn’t Royally Suck

Erika Lynae

I don’t like to pick favourites. Except, when it comes to YouTubers talking about sex, Erika Lynae is my favourite. She’s hilarious. Alongside YouTube though, she also has a blog. If you’re more of a video watcher than blog reader, you will love her video on How To Become a Sex Toy Reviewer. 

Dangerous Lilly

There isn’t a sex blogger around who hasn’t heard of her. There isn’t one who doesn’t have the utmost respect for her. She’s one intelligent person, who is an admirable activist in the world of safe sex toys and ethical companies. Whilst this link is for her sex blog education if you are thinking of becoming a sex toy reviewer I highly recommend checking out all her posts on safe sex toys as well.

The Smutlancer 

The Smutlancer blog is my idea of blog heaven. It is a blog all about sex writing and making money doing it. Not only that, but Kayla Lords has created a Smutlancer weekly podcast too. You can guarantee I have listened to it within one hour of it going live, every single week.

Joanne’s Sex Toy Reviews

Getting advice from my favourite sex toy reviewers is like striking gold. And I clearly hit the big bucks here. Joanne is a fantastic reviewer and extremely talented artist. That may sound completely irrelevant but I do think bringing your talent to your blog is what makes someone successful. She talks hosting, privacy, money and more in her Sex Blogger Advice category.

Smut Marathon

You don’t have to be a part of the Smut Marathon to benefit from Marie Rebel’s writing advice. If you are interested in having a go at erotica, this may be just the place to get inspired. Marie not only runs the Smut Marathon but also hosts Wicked Wednesday. So, needless to say, when it comes to writing about sex she knows her stuff.

Mollys Daily Kiss

More than thinking she is an amazing blogging (which she absolutely is), Molly Moore is a seriously awesome person. She cares about the sex blogging community. She has given up her precious time on multiple occasions to help me. Fortunately, you don’t need to ask for her time, you can just hop over to her blog for some great advice on sex blogging.

An Unpleasant Outing (How to Stay Anonymous on Facebook)

What About You? (About the About Me Page)

Emmeline Peaches

Emmeline Peaches works so hard it is almost impossible not to see her as some sort of superhero. With superpowers like writing 500 words a minute whilst simultaneously researching her next post. Of course I admire her, she’s incredible. I feel extremely fortunate to have a peek into her super sex blogging mind, with these blog posts –

A Day in the Life of a Sex Blogger (So that’s how she does it!)

How to Keep Your Writing Mojo Going

Some Thoughts on my Writing Process 

Isabelle Lauren 

Isabelle Lauren uses her blog to tackle topics I’m too scared/inept to write about. She is a brave writer with a strong voice and I am always interested in what she has to say. Naturally, when I spot a post about sex blogging on her blog I get extra excited. Posts such as these –

A Day (Evening) in the Life of a Sex Toy Reviewer

Writers: Don’t Do This

Do you know of any more great posts for sex bloggers? Let me know so I can add them to the list! 

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