Best Blog Posts of 2016 For Aurora Glory

Best Blog Posts of 2016 For Aurora Glory

The Aurora Glory blog launched back in October as my first ever blog! Since then I’ve managed to fill 52 useful (hopefully) pages with sex and relationship info. It’s already been one hell of a journey for me and I’ve loved every second of it! I’ve connected with some amazing people on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. I’ve received wonderful feedback from my readers (love to you all!) And I’ve made numerous blogging mishaps and learnt so, so much along the way.

I’ve recently been really enjoying bloggers highlights of the year, with a list of their top viewed posts. So decided to join in on the fun. Why not?

So which Aurora Glory posts have been the attention grabbers of the year?


10. Foot Fetish & How To Give The Perfect Footjob – Read it here

With feet being the number one fetish, it’s no surprise to see this post made it into the top ten. I was inspired to write this after an interesting question appeared on one of my favourite sex advice forums. Although my partner and I don’t personally have a foot fetish, a footjob is still a fun way to enjoy something a bit different.

9. G-Spot Stimulation – Read it here

A Beginners Guide. From where it is, to what it feels like, to the positions and toys that hit the elusive spot. This is a short guide but it features all the information you really need to know. If you want to squirt, this is the spot you want to find.

8. How To Sext – 6 Tips For Extremely Hot Sexting – Read it here

So glad this one made the cut. I featured it in my November favourites as my personal favourite post of the month. Mostly because I had so much fun writing it and coming up with hot sexting examples.

7. Exhibitionists – Safely Flashing In Public – Read it here 

This post was a difficult one to write but very rewarding once it was complete. There is such a fine line between flashing respectfully and, well, not. Especially when one of the main desires of an exhibitionist is to cause shock. I hope this post managed to inspire people with some fresh and exciting ideas.

6. Blow Job Tips & Tricks He Wishes You Knew – Read it here

This was one of my first posts. I chose to write it as of all the sex blog posts I’ve read, this is probably the one I’ve been drawn to most. Rather than doing research I drew entirely on my own experiences to ensure the tips were accurate and hopefully a bit different.

5. 5 Sex Positions For Plus Size Women –Read it here 

I wasn’t surprised to see this post make the cut. As a plus size woman myself, I know the struggle. It can really limit the positions you are able to enjoy comfortably. Hopefully, there are lots of women enjoying new, pleasurable positions because of this post. Being curvaceous definitely doesn’t mean we can’t have as much fun in the bedroom!

4. Sensory Play – How To Use Erotic Sound – Read it here

I love to see this one on the list! The only one that made it out of my sensory play series, but definitely my favourite of the five. I think sound is one of the sensations often forgotten and it is no less important than the other senses.

3. 12 Very Sexy Christmas Gifts For Her – Read it here

Something tells me this wouldn’t have made the cut if I had been blogging for the full year. But with my blog going live just before the run up to Christmas began, it made it as the third most viewed post. Hopefully, there were some lucky women with some of these sexy gifts under the tree this year.

2. 8 Ways To Punish Your Sub and Teach Them To Behave – Read it here

This post is a bit more ‘Fifty shades’ than true ‘BDSM’. But hey, so am I! It’s rated well on Reddit so I was unsurprised to see it make its way into the top ten. As a mostly submissive character, particularly in the bedroom, I enjoyed delving into unfamiliar territory and expect more posts like this will prop up in the new year.

1. What Is Ecosexuality – Read it here

There was no surprise when this post nabbed the top spot. It had a lot to do with the timing of the post over anything else. I posted it shortly after a news story hit regarding Ecosexuality and I hope I was able to answer the questions the news story may have created. This went live in my first month and was getting me almost 1000 views a day for a while, which anyone with blogging experience will know is pretty damn amazing.

So that’s it for 2016. The ten posts that piqued the most interest amongst my readers. Do you have a post you particularly enjoyed this year?

I’m so excited to see what 2017 is going to bring now! If you have any specific blog post requests then please let me know here.

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