Winter Dates – 15 Cosy Date Ideas For Winter

Winter Dates – 15 Cosy Date Ideas For Winter

I’m a firm believer in dating. Whether you’ve been together for 20 days, 20 months or 20 years, I really believe your relationship can benefit from dates. Unfortunately, come winter the days of seaside cocktail bars and romantic walks along the beach are gone. And truth be told, most of the time I just want to cuddle up watching movies and eating chocolate. However, just because the sun has gone doesn’t mean the romance has to go with it. So to keep the heat in my relationship and in yours too, I’ve come up with 15 amazing winter dates.

Here is my list of the best winter dates. Let me know which is your favourite in the comments below.

1. There are always shows at your local theatre. Have a look at what they have to offer. I love stand ups or burlesque shows.

winter dates couple christmas tree2. Go around looking at all the Christmas lights. You can pick up some great ideas for your house along the way. I loved doing stuff like this most before my partner and I lived together. We would go off into our little world of what the future would hold for us.

3. Go ice skating. I just find this so romantic during the run-up to Christmas. It’s also guaranteed that you will both have a giggle.

4. You can still have dates without leaving your own home. I love baking festive treats together. It’s always a laugh and almost always ends up in some form of a food fight. Plus you get delicious nibbles at the end of it.

5. Find the cosiest bed and breakfast in the area and go away for the night. I always like to choose a room with a big bath that we can enjoy together by candlelight.

download-326. Grab some wine, some childhood photos and some retro Christmas music. Spend an evening taking a trip down memory lane together. Tell each other about your favourite gift, your favourite tradition or your favourite year.

7. Go on a Christmas shopping trip and see who can find the weirdest, funniest or cheesiest Christmas gift for the other person. Or you could always hunt down the ugliest Christmas jumpers for each other and see who looks the most ridiculous.

8. Go to a local farmers market and taste some of the seasonal foods. Then go home and cook a delicious winter’s meal together with your fresh ingredients.

9. I love board games and if you use your imagination you can always involve a sexy twist if you want to. Winter dates don’t have to cost a thing.

10. There is usually a christmassy movie on at the cinema this time of year. Snuggle up with some popcorn in the back row.

11. Visit a Christmas market together. Drink hot chocolate and try to find each other a special and unique Christmas gift.

winter dates hot chocolate heart12. Book a seat by the fireplace at your local pub and try their festive cocktails.

13. I love watching an ice hockey match. Go along and support your local team together. Even if it’s not your favourite sport, it’s hard not to enjoy joining in with the cheers.

14. Visit a spa. Massages and a relax in the jacuzzi. If you’re on a budget then you can massage each other and have a candlelit bath at home. Perfection <3

15. Make a festive breakfast in bed. Like waffles with maple syrup and hot chocolates. Delicious and you get the bonus of being snuggled up together under the covers.

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