Where Sex Toys And Good Causes Meet

Where Sex Toys And Good Causes Meet

Sex toys are probably my favourite thing to buy. When I choose a sex toy with the hopefulness of new sexual stimulations I glow with excitement. Just recently it’s occurred to me that I can multiply that glowing feeling tenfold. Through the right purchases, the right disposal methods and the right attitude. All I had to do was dig through the sex toy sale noise, and find the hidden gems. The companies that will take a percentage of their profit and donate it to a worthy cause or companies who consider our environment. No added expense for me, all I had to do was make the right choice when I did my usual sex toy shop. Sounds good right?

So here is a list of a few of the companies worth looking out for if you want to get off for a good cause.

1. Imtoy

Along with the Imtoy Zoo collection, the company are making donations to the South Africa’s Endangered Wildlife Trust. As a way to aid in the continued existence of the animals who inspired their range. For each sale, $1 will be donated to the EWT. I can also confirm after being fortunate enough to review one of their sex toys, the toys are beautiful and of a high quality. You don’t have to give up any pleasure in order to support this cause.

2. Sex Toy Recycling  

Unfortunately, there eventually comes a time when your sex toys are outdated, lifeless or just no longer of use to you. And whilst it may be tempting to chuck them out with your usual rubbish, there are ways of recycling them and getting something back. Whilst I was first introduced to the idea by the Lovehoney Rabbit Amnesty this method only includes vibrators and does not cover postal expenses. Forbidden Obsession, however, have a scheme for Great Britain residents to recycle any old sex toys and receive a gift voucher for the trouble! Don’t worry if you’re in the US though. Just check out the Sex Toy Recycling site for how to recycle sex toys and earn gift certificates along the way!



3. Biodegradable Toys

If you want an eco-friendly sex toy then the Blush Novelties Gaia collection may be worth considering. The vibrators are the worlds first to be made as biodegradable. They are battery-powered, but purchasing some rechargeable batteries will keep things green. For a biodegradable dildo, wooden toys are great too.


4. BeVibrant

This US online sex toy retailer was created for the sole purpose of donating 100% of its profits to Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. The store is up to date with the newest sex toy crazes and sells the popular toys we all know work wonders. Their prices are competitive and their cause is incredibly worthy. Of all those listed this one is closest to my heart, even as a UK resident.

5. Vavven 

Vaveen is the Australian sex toy retailer with ethics that other retailers should look up to. No gendered marketing, only body safe sex toys from ethical manufacturers and they donate a third of their profits to SRHR. Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. It’s like I want to kiss them, or at least shake their hand or something.


6. Pleasure Attic 

Lastly, Pleasure Attic is a UK sex toy retailer who donates 2.5% of every sale to a different charity each year. The current charity being supported is Battersea Dogs Home. They seem to have a selection of lower end sex toys. But if you’re looking for something budget friendly with an added feel-good factor, it seems like a great option!

If you know of any more that should be added to this list please let me know and I will check it out! I hope I’ve been able to inspire you to consider using some of these great websites in future. Especially since all you have to do is treat yourself to a new sex toy. Clearly, it’s a win-win for you and for the world!

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  1. Really useful to know this, thanks Aurora!

  2. Thanks for including us. We’re up for a hand shake anytime 😉

    The Vavven Team


    1. Author

      My pleasure! You should absolutely be recognised for the great things you are doing!
      Aurora xx

  3. Thank you so much for giving Pleasure Attic a mention. Much appreciated. X

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