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10 Weird Fetishes You’ve Never Heard Of

10 Weird Fetishes You’ve Never Heard Of

Sometimes it seems like there is a fetish for almost everything. Since my sexuality is very rare I love sexual desires that make people unique, like me! As long as they’re enjoyed in a safe, legal and consensual way then weird fetishes are a thing to be proud of. I’m the queen of oddballdom and I wear my crown with my head held high. I’m a firm believer in celebrating our differences.
If you have a unique fetish then let me know in the comments! Also, let me know if there is a sexuality or fetish you’d like a more in-depth post on!


Here are 10 weird fetishes you may not have heard of, but are very real.

1. Coulrophilia
A person with coulrophilia is sexually attracted to clowns. Although sometimes the term can include an attraction to jesters, mimes or similar. As with a lot of fetishes, it is more common among males and most people can link their fetish back to childhood. Usually, a person has a specific type of clown they’re attracted to. For example an evil clown or a child-friendly one.
clown weird fetishes
2. Macrophilia
Translated to ‘A lover of large’ this fetish involves the desire to be dominated by a giant. The theory behind it is that a giant is more powerful and so finds it easier to dominant a partner. This differs to being attracted to a person taller than you. The size difference would need to be extreme.
giantess weird fetishes
3. Crush Fetish
A crush fetish involves being sexually aroused by things being crushed by someone. Or the thought of being crushed themselves by another person. The crushing would usually be beneath a persons foot, but not limited to. There are 2 types of crushing, soft and hard. Soft crushing would involve inanimate objects like fruit or vegetables. Hard crushing is illegal. 
grape crushing weird fetishes
4. Knismolagnia
This fetish involves getting sexual pleasure by being tickled. Some people are able to orgasm through the tickling sensations alone. There are many sexual games a couple can partake in to enjoy this fetish. Although, being tickled is mostly enjoyed whilst restrained and possibly blindfolded.
5. Agalmatophilia
This is a fetish that involves being sexually attracted to a doll, statue, mannequin or similar. This fetish can present in multiple ways, as with all fetishes. A person may enjoy performing sexual acts with an inanimate object. They may be aroused by encounters performed by the dolls. Or they may be sexually aroused at the thought of being a statue or similar. In this instance, a person is able to roleplay wearing latex rubber. Some people with this fetish prefer to only have relationships with life-sized dolls.
barbie weird fetishes
6. Dacryphilia
The sight of a person crying is sexually arousing to someone with dacryphilia. A person may get this sexual pleasure in a sadist manner in which they enjoy causing a person to cry. Or someone with dacryphilia may find the process of soothing an upset person arousing. The type of crying that causes arousal may be very specific. For instance, those that cry loudly or those that stick out their bottom lip.
tears weird fetishes
7. Hematolagnia
This fetish involves being sexually aroused by blood. A person may enjoy biting their partner to draw blood, licking blood or having their submissive partner cut themselves. It can be a very dangerous fetish. It is something I have dabbled in during my teens but not a fetish I have.
8. Plushophilia
Plushophilia is a sexual attraction to stuffed animals. Some people may take their attraction further and enjoy relationships with them. Spending non-sexual time with the stuffed animal makes the sex more fulfilling. They will usually have certain stuffed animals they build a strong connection with. Their choice of a stuffed animal may be based on things like size or material.
stuffed rabbit weird fetishes
9. Omorashi
This fetish is only separated from a urine fetish in Japan. The fetish involves enjoying the sensation of a full bladder, wetting oneself or seeing another person wet themselves. Japan recognizes that this differs from a urine fetish as it is only about the process of clothed incontinence. A person with this fetish may have a specific type of outfit they like to be urinated onto.
10. Oculolinctus
Oculolinctus was better known once it became a trend among teens in Japan. It involves licking another person’s eyeball. There is little information about this so it’s hard to define whether it is a fetish or a passing craze. Either way, it can be very dangerous for the receiver.
lip bite weird fetishes
So did you learn of any new weird fetishes in this post? Or do you have any of the ones I mentioned?
Let me know if you enjoyed this post and I will do a weird fetishes part two! If you did enjoy it then check out my post on 15 words you will only know if you’re kinky.
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