Feature photo of Sliquid lube being dripped onto the We Vibe Jive against a blue background.

Review: We Vibe Jive – Discreetly Play Outside

Review: We Vibe Jive – Discreetly Play Outside

We Vibe Jive Review

The thing that, for me, made We Vibe a company better than the rest, was the powerful rumble of its motors. There was a time, not that many years ago, when motors such as We Vibes were practically unheard of. Now, things are different. Brands are creating products with more rumble and power than I’ve ever experienced before. So, what does We Vibe do? They decrease the power.

What the hot hell, We Vibe?

It sounds like We Vibe have some rather questionable decision makers on their hands, right? Except, when there are now toys being released regularly that are too powerful, maybe solving a different sex toy problem is actually a genius move. Maybe it’s time to invent a sex toy so quiet, you and your partner can actually use it in public. Maybe it’s time for a toy like the We Vibe Jive?

Photo of the We Vibe Jive and sachet of We Vibe lube on top of the white satin storage pouch
We Vibe Jive Storage Pouch


We Vibe is a luxury brand and as such the box for the Jive is about as sexy as cardboard can get. Thick, hard and aesthetically gorgeous. Inside the posh box is the We Vibe Jive, a USB charging cable, storage pouch, sachet of lube and instruction manual. I’m pretty damn excited about the storage pouch.

Photo of the We Vibe Jive box. A gradient blue box with an image of the Jive on the front.
We Vibe Jive Packaging


As with all the products I review, the We Vibe Jive is made of completely body safe materials. A beautiful blue silicone coats the entire toy, giving it a soft and smooth finish. The insertable bulge is 3.5 inches, light and just wide enough to require a dollop of the slippery goodness that is waterbased lube. Its silicone tail is completely flexible, almost 5 inches long and has the charger magnet and control button at its tip.

The Jive is a completely waterproof sex toy, so baths, showers and ‘bung in the sink’ cleanups are all possibilities.

Photo of the full We Vibe Jive in blue, on a white background.
Blue We Vibe Jive


The We Vibe Jive charges via a USB cable. This magnetically clips onto the tip of the silicone tail, and unlike other magnetic chargers, is actually pretty secure. They’ve definitely improved on the nightmare magnetic charger of the Tango. Charging this vibe for 90 minutes will give you 2 hours of Jiving fun.

Photo of the We Vibe Jive with the white USB charging cable magnetically clipped to its silicone stem.
Charging the We Vibe Jive


The We Vibe Jive has 10 functions to enjoy – four vibration intensities and six patterns. The patterns are perfect for internal play, as the steady vibrations can become almost unnoticeable as you become used to the sensation. The patterns keep my vagina interested and could definitely increase the fun when a partner takes control of the app!

There are two ways to control the Jive, via one button at the top of the silicone tail or via the We Connect app.

Photo of the We Vibe Jive button control. The silicone tail is horizontal, with a small raised blue button next to the metal charging port.
We Vibe Jive Button Control

We Connect App

The app connects to the toy using Bluetooth, so can work with almost any phone. I found the Jive to be incredibly responsive to it and it was my preferred method of controlling the functions. What I really love about this app is the option to connect with a partner anywhere else in the world! It is the perfect addition to a long distance sex life.


In a word? Weak. They are the kind of vibrations I’d expect from a £20 sex toy. The intensity options range from ‘is this even switched on?’ to just powerful enough to give me a clitoral orgasm. Despite their weakness, they do have the expected rumble of a We Vibe motor. Internally the vibrations penetrate and travel through me.

We Vibe did create just the right level of power to ensure silence when the Jive is inserted. And for me, this is the one thing that takes the toy from ‘kinda shit’ to awesome. When I say silent, I genuinely mean silent. I could chat with someone in an empty room and I am convinced they wouldn’t hear the buzz, even with the Jive on its highest setting. That is more than impressive and really does make this the perfect toy for public couple’s play.

Date nights just got a whole lot more interesting…

Close of the vibrating egg of the We Vibe Jive. Featuring a raised We Vibe logo.
We Vibe Jive Vibrating Egg

Play Time

Couple’s Play

Since the first time I tried the We Vibe Jive, I’ve had this fantasy – I’m at a club with a partner, Jive inserted. He’s using the app on his phone and watching my reactions as he jumps from pattern to pattern. He continues until I reach a point of desperation, in which I grab him by the arm and drag him outside. Hidden from view, he whips the Jive out from inside me and… Well, I think you probably get the picture.

This is exactly the sort of thing the We Vibe Jive is made for. Once inserted, it is secured perfectly by the silicone tail (even though it is too long for my anatomy) nestled between my outer labia and resting on my clitoris. Despite the clitoral contact though, the vibrations do not travel well enough for any external stimulation.

Even in a dress with no knickers, I was confident the Jive would stay in place. I walked up and down stairs, I squatted – the toy wasn’t budging. After prolonged wear though, I did start to get some irritation at the point my labia meets above the clitoris.

Clitoral Play

Unfortunately, my opportunity for such a Jiving good time is lacking due to a rather sad case of a non-existent sex life. And whilst I can appreciate this We Vibe’s potential brilliance on my own, it’s not a toy I’m going to reach for at home. Clitoral stimulation is possible, both precisely and broadly, but the resulting orgasm is usually a paltry flutter rather than my desired vagina clenching, body shaking experience.

Internal Play

I am unable to orgasm through internal stimulation alone. So with this lubed up and inserted I grabbed my We Vibe Tango (because I’m a sex toy geek and having both toys by We Vibe was pleasing to me). Then I brought myself to a much stronger Jive-based orgasm. Despite the external stimulation, I was still able to enjoy the patterned murmurs against my g spot – stimulating my favourite internal pleasure zone and the surrounding walls gently but effectively. Unfortunately, masturbating with my legs open was impossible without the Jive slipping out. This is my go-to style of masturbation and I struggled to access my clitoris in the way I’d like with my legs firmly shut.

This is undeniably fantastic as a hands-free sex toy. The floppy silicone tail is surprisingly effective at securing the Jive in place. With the addition of the phone app controls, it’s a great option for someone with mobility issues.

Photo of the We Vibe Jive upside down. Demonstrating the flexibility of the silicone stem as it rests on the love egg.
We Vibe Jive’s Flexible Stem


Whilst the We Vibe Jive may work both clitorally and vaginally, it is not great as a multipurpose sex toy. It is mediocre for the most part due to its weak vibrations. But it does one job that can’t be faulted and that is giving couples the chance to discreetly take sex toy play out in public. It is the quietest of all the love egg vibrators I’ve tried and is one I would feel entirely confident using in a public place. I would also recommend the Jive to anyone looking for a hands-free device or to a long distance couple. Providing they like rumbling vibrations and don’t require a whole heap of power.

If you would like to have some fun with the We Vibe Jive, you can purchase one here for $119

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Huge thanks to Betty’s Toy Box for sending me the We Vibe Jive in exchange for an honest review!

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We Vibe Jive

We Vibe Jive

Vibe Power

6.5 /10

Noise (1 = loud)

10.0 /10

Orgasm Rating

7.0 /10


10.0 /10

Ease of Use

10.0 /10


  • Hands-Free
  • Waterproof
  • We Connect App Compatible
  • Silent & Rumbling Vibrations


  • Mediocre Power
  • Uncomfortable with Prolonged Wear

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