Three Months Blogging About Sex & Relationships

Three Months Blogging About Sex & Relationships

Today marks the end of my third month in the blogging world. And what an amazing three months blogging it has been! When I started my blog, I would have loved a sneak peek at what some of the other sex bloggers were up to in their first few months.
So, on the off-chance that someone will one day want to read the same sort of post, I decided to check in. With where I’m at now, the journey I took to get here and where I’m hoping to take things. It also gives me something to look back on in the future, when I hopefully will have progressed further.

The Beginning

My first month of blogging was a huge technical migraine. I spent a massive chunk of my time trying to get my head around things like self-hosting, meta tags and cpanels. Thankfully once you’ve learnt it all, the knowledge is there for the future and you can relax. But the process is hard, there’s no getting around that.
Only once in my first month did I get tempted to throw in the towel. Everyone told me to prepare for negative feedback. But when someone belittled a post about my own sexuality it was too personal not to affect me. I was angry and hurt and I cried like a baby.

Social Media

I LOVE social media. It is the thing about blogging that I enjoy the most. Especially Twitter, where I have had the fortune to tweet with some amazing people! It’s done wonders for my confidence in my real life as well as behind the cyber screen. One thing I’ve learnt though.. People are going to say things that bother you. And although I TRY to keep my mouth shut, I just can’t help myself. We all have things that touch us on a personal level. Twice I saw bloggers I once admired belittle people who make spelling mistakes. The biggest pet hate of my life. I reacted. But, in joining social media I have also met some of the most amazing sex bloggers. With posts I could read for days. They are all such friendly and kind people and I feel at home in the community already.

Facebook –

Me and Facebook, we just don’t get on. I’ve tried, I have. But in three months blogging, I only have about 60 likes on my Facebook page. And I’m pretty certain half of those just want to send me dick pics and porn gifs and have never actually been on my blog. I don’t like to admit I failed but in this instance, there’s just no hiding from it. I suck at Facebook.

Twitter –

My favourite! I use Twitter every single day, multiple times a day. It’s the best place to communicate with other bloggers in my niche. It doesn’t get me much traffic at all but I’d still use it if it didn’t get me any. It’s also the best place for following and communicating with companies.

Pinterest –

I am a nightmare on Pinterest. I get so Pin happy I end up pinning like 50 things a day. I’m working on cutting back on the obsessive pinning. Pinterest currently generates about half of my traffic each day, so new bloggers.. Get pinning!

Instagram –

I wasn’t ready to face Instagram until 2 weeks ago. I wanted to get my head around the other social media platforms first. In those 2 weeks, I’ve already doubled my Facebook following! So Instagram rules! I’m far from the best photographer so I’m not sure how it happened, but I know I’m grateful!

Reddit –

Reddit is a home to numerous topic-specific forums. In terms of traffic, it is second to Pinterest for me. I’ve had negative responses on Reddit but other bloggers have had the same experiences. It helped me realise that the comments weren’t personal. I’ve also chatted to some wonderfully helpful people on there, so not all Redditers are bad. I’ve just learnt to make sure you choose the right subreddit for your post.

Blog Stats

So here it comes. My traffic stats for three months blogging. From what I can gather they are pretty average. I haven’t seen the increase I would have liked as they have averaged at 100 a day for the last 2 months. But still, that’s 100 people a day that want to read what I have to say! And that is amazing!

  • So as of now, I have had 9,821 views.
  • 4 comments I can be completely sure are genuine and not spam.
  • I have published 56 blog posts.
  • Once I’ve been approached to receive a product in exchange for a review.
  • I have written 1 guest post.
  • And I currently spend on average 16 hours a week on blogging.

What’s next?

I have ideas all. The. Time. There are so many directions I’d love to go in and so many things I’d love to do. Time isn’t much on my side though. What I want to focus on are my Fetish and Sexuality posts and doing more product reviews. I love Instagram so I want to get stuck into that too! Video is something I keep considering, so maybe in the future it will be something I’ll try. Also, I really want to go to Eroticon! But it may have to be next year.

The Main Things I’ve Learnt In Three Months Blogging

1.    Get organized. This is coming from one of the least organized people ever! But, since I planned things out a bit I’ve been a lot less stressed. And since I’m blogging for fun, stress isn’t something I want.

2.    Build relationships with other bloggers in your niche. Fortunately, this has been easy for me since the sex blogging community is so welcoming! It keeps me sane to have people I can talk to that understand what I’m on about and who have the same interests as me.

3.    Self-hosting is the way to go. Especially as a sex blogger.

4.    Affiliate links are a waste of time for new bloggers. I got so excited when some affiliate programmes accepted me. But, as a new blogger, I just don’t have the following to convert to sales. Maybe it’s something I’ll try again one day. But for now, it’s just not worth the effort.

5.    Branding will come. People go on about having a brand etc. Which is true, it is good to have a brand. But in the beginning, you’re still finding your place in the blogging world. You still have a lot to learn about yourself as a blogger. Aside from a colour scheme, I believe it’s easier to let the brand come naturally. I didn’t decide to include relationship blogging until the end of my second month! And I’m still not 100% of where I fit and what direction I want to go in.

I am so excited to see where the next three months blogging will take me! If there’s anything else you’d like to know about my blogging journey, please ask in the comments!

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this post then check out my post on my top ten blog posts of 2016. 

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  1. It was great reading about your first few months of blogging! Thanks so much for sharing in detail. I’m a fairly new blogger too and you really showed me that I’m not alone in this!!

    – Kaitlin

    1. Author

      Thank you for reading my post and leaving a comment! Blogging is an amazing journey but it’s definitely a marathon rather then a sprint. It’s wonderful to hear from another blogger who’s at a similar stage to myself 🙂 Aurora x

  2. This was a great read. I love hearing how other bloggers have done in their first few months.

    1. Author

      Thank you! I always love to read these sorts of posts too, glad I’ve reached a stage where I can join in 🙂 Aurora x

  3. This post has been very useful for me as a new blogger too. I sometimes feel out of my depth with the ‘technical’ side of things.

    Kudos to you for getting out to Eroticon in 11 days. I’d love to go but I just cannot justify spending that much money on a single day (maybe I’ll be making a huge mistake not going, I really don’t know!)

    I do know that I need to reflect on my own blog in a similar way to make sure I put quality content on it in the future.

    1. Author

      I definitely know that feeling well! Things are settled at the moment but I’m putting things off that I’d like to do because of technical headaches!
      I was so lucky and won a sponsored ticket or I wouldn’t have been able to go to Eroticon either. I’m so grateful as I never win anything!
      I am feeling the same about the quality of my content right now. I’ve been having some writers block lately and I know the quality has taken a hit 🙁 I have never noticed any poor quality posts on your blog though!
      Aurora x

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