Sex Podcasts 2017

The Sex Podcasts You Need To Be Listening To In 2017

The Sex Podcasts You Need To Be Listening To In 2017

The Sex Podcasts You Need To Be Listening To In 2017

I only really discovered the brilliance that is Podcasts this year. And naturally as a sex blogger, found myself listening to all the sexy ones I could find. Hell, I even had a go at one myself as a guest for All The Sex Podcast. And wow! It is so much harder than it seems! Which only made me see (hear?) the talent of the podcasters I listen to and love them even more. I’m insanely grateful for the sex chat that keeps me entertained as I do my mundane chores every day. I probably listen to at least 5 sex podcasts a week. And in doing such have learned a heap about my favourite topic whilst having a good laugh along the way.

So if you want to know more about sex and it’s surrounding topics, here is a list of the best sex podcasts I’ve discovered for 2017!


This one is definitely more involved in the kinky side of sex. With the cutest of kinky couples reflecting on their own experiences in order to educate, entertain and build confidence. They never miss out on the facts though and genuinely have a huge amount of knowledge when it comes to the BDSM lifestyle, especially the social side of it. I’ve learnt so much from this duo about everything from rope bondage to munches to domination. Their enthusiasm shines through so much that I find myself smiling throughout most of their episodes. The entertainment factor is definitely a 10 out of 10. I highly recommend checking them out here!

Kink Craft

The first time I discovered the Kink Craft podcast I was glued to it for hours. When I listen to Andrew and Pixie with their relaxed approach, I feel like they’re sat in the room with me. They both have strong personalities with an honest sexually positive attitude I adore. Their laid back and opinionated discussions are both insightful and entertaining. And I can always guarantee Pixie will leave me smiling! They cover a vast array of topics, usually based on their most recent blog articles. Articles always written by experienced and knowledgeable writers on the given subject. You definitely need to check their podcast out here!

Sex Nerd Sandra

There is entertaining, and then there is Sex Nerd Sandra. She is so quirky, so fun and so bloody good at podcasting! Even subjects I don’t think I will find interesting get brought to life in a way that has my ears transfixed. I have genuinely laughed out loud on numerous occasions whilst listening. Sex should be fun and with Sex Nerd Sandra fun is a guarantee. You don’t miss out on the education though. Her podcast has been running for years and she has covered a wide range of topics to satisfy anyone’s interests. You also get the unique perspectives of many guest stars, all in the know when it comes to sex. This is a podcast I can guarantee you won’t regret checking out here!

The Dildorks

Besides having the best podcast name ever, Kate and Bex are both incredibly talented podcasters. Their podcast is the most inclusive of them all and I adore the voice they give to minorities. Especially as someone who struggles with so much gender and sexuality confusion. They are both hilarious and I often find myself laughing along with Kates giggles. I always find The Dildorks to be fascinating, thought-provoking and empowering. There is never a time you may question whether they know what they’re talking about. They’re educated, experienced and honest and I have probably listened my way through at least 80% of their podcast episodes. I highly recommend checking them out here!

Sex Podcasts 2017

Do you know any great sex-related podcasts that should be added to the list? Please let me know in the comments, I’m always eager to discover more great sex chat!

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  1. Thanks for this. I went on a search for good pervy podcasts a while back and ended up bored and flaccid. So I’m definitely going to give these a try.

    1. Author

      My pleasure! Though I don’t know if I’ve really found any of them arousing, they are definitely all educational and entertaining.
      Perhaps I should try to find a list of more arousing podcasts. If that’s a thing.. It’s gotta be a thing lol..
      Aurora x

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