The Dodil Review – An Orgasmic Week Of Dodils

The Dodil Review – An Orgasmic Week Of Dodils

The Dodil Review

Hold up your hand if you have ever used a dildo and thought, ‘If only it was a little more curved, or slightly thicker, or had a bit more texture.’ *Raises both hands and violently waves them around* Well, finally we have a dildo that means we don’t have to have those thoughts whilst resigned to the fact we will forever be just a little disappointed. Finally, we can make those minor or major changes, to make our dildos just right for us.  For our individual anatomy and desires. At last, we have… Drumroll, please….

The Dodil.

I would go as far as to say that this is the most excited I have been about a sex toy since, well, my first ever sex toy. Nothing can match the excitement of that one. I used to wank just over the thought of it. But, I digress, the Dodil had me pretty pee my pants excited. I love anything in the bedroom that I can get creative with and I envisaged creating obscure, intricate shapes. I was ready to recreate every dildo I had ever wanted. To never have to buy an insertable toy again. Really, I was ready to be disappointed. Whilst the Dodil is indeed a genius creation, it is in no way capable of the extravagant plans I naively had in mind for it.


The very clever packaging for the Dodil is, in fact, the flask you use to heat it. Mine stays permanently in my kitchen and I am yet to have a suspicious look come my way. Within your flask packaging, you also receive a cord to help shape the Dodil and an instruction manual. I recommend reading it thoroughly before you start moulding your new best friend. I mean, you have 30 minutes to wait for it to heat, so you might as well get a bit of reading done.

The Dodil And Its Flask
The Dodil And Its Flask



What is this alien invention called the Dodil? And how the hell does it work? Well, all I know is that it came from the planet Venus and a stork dropped it into my lap. Venus being Sweden and the stork being my postman. And this part being my way of saying I’m rubbish at science and I have no idea how it works.

What I do know is that the Dodil is made of completely body safe materials, including the silicone cord that accompanies it. The inner core is made of a thermoplastic with abs plastic handle. Whilst the outer skin is made of stretchy silicone. Stretchy, brightly coloured silicone that is. Now, on the off chance you can resist remoulding it long enough to thrust its original design into your orifices, the length is 7.5 inches with a modest circumference of 5 inches. Once it gets to the all-important shaping element it has the potential to be a girthy dong, but a considerable length is a little harder to achieve.

Dodil Logo
Dodil Logo


The Shaping Process

Place your Dodil in its flask, pour boiling water up to the rim and place the lid on top. Place, don’t screw. And thirty minutes later you have got yourself a squidgy dildo ready for your imagination to go crazy on. Every time you do this you are also sterilizing it. Clever right? I have left mine in the flask a little too long and it doesn’t seem to have suffered. But, the Dodil is a delicate creature and I highly recommend treating it as such. My first one was treated with a heavy, thoughtless hand and it resulted in its demise. A big rip in the silicone type of demise.

Heating The Dodil
Heating The Dodil


Caution! Hot dildo!

When it comes to removing the Dodil from the flask, proceed carefully. No one wants to remove a scorching dildo only to fling it across the room in shock and have it land in their partner’s cup of tea. Although, it would be kind of amusing…

Providing it didn’t fly into your partner’s cuppa, you will now have a dildo that feels a whole lot like a stress ball. Give it a squeeze, it feels good. And you’ve got a good ten minutes before you need to get into creation mode anyway. Or, you can use this time to fiddle about with your cord and floppy dong,  trying to envisage the best shape to get you off. The first few times I moulded my Dodil I sat patiently with it exactly how I wanted it. Waiting at least 15 minutes for it to ‘set’ and trying to ignore the cramp in my hand. Don’t do this. Create the shape you like and hold it under a cold tap for a few minutes.

Now the next bit is very important. Leave it alone. Do not try to insert your masterpiece into your vagina until you are certain it has set internally. This is how my first Dodil suffered such an untimely death. Pressing on the unset core caused the thermoplastic to create hard edges. Hard edges that then went on to rip the outer silicone. Leaving me with a broken Dodil, but more importantly, a broken heart. If you discover hard edges on the inner core I recommend kissing goodbye to your creation and having a reshape. Otherwise, you risk losing your Dodil altogether. As did I.

Dodil Internal Hard Edges
Dodil Internal Hard Edges


Play Time

It’s all very well having a hoot of a time creating a dildo, but if that dildo sucks, well, the novelty is going to wear off faster than you can say, ‘pass the Tantus Uncut.’ Fortunately, this rigid toy has the potential to evoke pleasure of grand proportions. If you enjoy the hard pressure of glass, metal, abs plastic or wood, you are likely to enjoy the Dodil. With a water-based lubricant, it glides internally, comfortable to thrust and wiggle with pleasure producing force. If you need a thin dildo, it should be noted that this is not easy to create. The best I have been able to achieve is a thin tip, the rest of the Dodil retaining the added girth.


Given the inability to create thin designs, anal is definitely not an exploration I will be taking with the Dodil. That does not mean to say you can’t though. If you can take girths anally of around 5 inches, you are good to go. But, as any good buttplay lover knows, you need a base to keep your ass from sucking up the toy and sending you to the emergency room for dildo extraction. Sexy. So make sure when creating your anal masterpiece you have an angle of at least 45 degrees.

Moulding The Dodil
Moulding The Dodil



The Dodil is, quite frankly, a bloody genius idea. In practice, it has not just been a novelty but has given me the ability to achieve internal sensations ideal for my anatomy and desires. I do hope to see a more robust version be released eventually, but as it is, it is still a fantastic product. It combines my love of creativity with my love for thrusting phallic shaped objects into my vagina. What more could a sex toy enthusiast want?

You can purchase the Dodil here for €79

Or keep reading to see some of my creations!

Dodil Diary

Day One

This shape is awesome. I couldn’t insert it past the curve, but it hits my g spot like magic. I’m genuinely very sad to say goodbye.

The Dodil - Day One
The Dodil – Day One

Day Two

Whilst this shape looks amazing, apparently, my vagina and big deep dildo ridges do not get on. It felt good, but thrusting was a little painful. Still, there was orgasm success so I can’t complain.

The Dodil - Day Two
The Dodil – Day Two

Day Three

It’s now occurred to me that regardless of shape, the Dodil just hits the g spot so damn well! Once again I couldn’t insert it past the curve, but it was unnecessary anyway. This shape had me over the orgasmic edge within a minute.

The Dodil - Day Three
The Dodil – Day Three

Day Four

This shape certainly hit my g spot, but there was something about it that was somewhat uncomfortable. I do think this had more to do with my own body than it did the design of the Dodil though.

The Dodil - Day Four
The Dodil – Day Four


Day Five

Despite its curved tip, this was the first design that didn’t reach that all-important spot. My Whipple Tickle was left untickled.

The Dodil - Day Five
The Dodil – Day Five


Day Six

This was definitely a, ‘What the hell was I thinking?’ kind of shape. It looks more like a wiggly worm than a weapon of orgasmic explosions. I could only insert a couple of inches, but they were certainly enough to get my knees shaking.

The Dodil - Day Six
The Dodil – Day Six


Day Seven

I tried using thick elastic to mould the Dodil. I really liked the gentle bumps it created as opposed to the deeper grooves of the silicone cord. Whipple Tickle success. Aka, it hit my g spot.

The Dodil - Day Seven
The Dodil – Day Seven


Which shape would you want to recreate?

The Dodil is available to purchase here for €79

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Huge thanks to The Dodil for sending me not one, but two Dodil’s in exchange for an honest review!

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  1. Love the way you write Aurora! Very interesting review, thank you. Looks like fun and a nice colour too… (I’m shallow).
    Indie xx

    1. Author

      Thank you so much! It definitely is a lot of fun! And I’m totally the same about sex toy colours lol! x

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