The Steamy Train Ride – Sinful Press Entry

The Steamy Train Ride – Sinful Press Entry

This is my entry for the Sinful Press Eroticon competition. The prize is a weekend ticket to Eroticon 2017 which as a new blogger, I would soo love to win! This is a 1000 word erotic fiction story. I had a lot of fun writing this and would love to hear what you think in the comments below!


Kate looked at her watch. She hated being early for the train. The old station relied only on the moonlit sky for illumination and at 10pm the echoing darkness seemed so eerie. She slowed her pace to a light stroll and tightened her trench coat around her as the evening air began to chill.

The station was, like usual, empty. Only the sound of a rustling plastic bag in a nearby tree broke the silence. Kate’s thoughts drifted back to work as she passed the lonely worn out benches. Her colleagues had roped her into helping with their paperwork again and she sighed as she wished she had had the courage to say no, just for once.

She started to descend the steep stone steps of the old subway tunnel when she heard a quiet whistle. She recognised the tune immediately, it was ‘The Great Escape.’ As she turned the corner she saw a tall man at the other end of the subway fighting with his trouser zipper. Kate had made it half way across the subway before he noticed her. He looked up and she immediately recognised him. How could she forget those large, black rimmed glasses and the way his rugged brown hair flopped to just above his brow. It was Harry.

He smiled, ‘hello stranger.’

Kate blushed. Her heart pounded in response to his cheeky dimpled grin. She managed just a squeak in return as she rushed past him and up the stone stairs.

It had been a few months since they had met. It was on a night out with the staff from work. Usually she wouldn’t go, but her best friend had promised to stay with her and to leave after just a couple of drinks. A couple of drinks had turned into four and as she tipsily ordered her fifth a handsome stranger had settled at the bar next to her. He was confident and funny and Kate couldn’t believe he was interested in her. Not her, with her pale freckled skin and unruly, bright red hair. As it reached the final call for drinks, she resisted his offers to go to his place. After a polite kiss on the cheek, Kate jumped in a taxi.

For weeks she had tormented herself, wishing she had taken the opportunity. It had been months since she had been intimate with a man and he was special. He enlightened a flame of raw desire inside her that she never knew she had. She had fantasized about doing things with him she never knew she had wanted to do.

She reached the platform as the train pulled into the station. Aware of his presence behind her she wished he wouldn’t choose the same carriage, at the same time as part of her wished he would. She settled in her seat, feeling the coolness of the faux leather through her clothes. Her cheeks immediately reddened as he took the seat opposite her. He flashed that smile again and cleared his throat. The sound echoed in the empty carriage and the train began to take off.

She saw that his eyes had rested on her chest. She immediately wrapped her coat tighter around her in response. Then, just as quickly, she decided to do something out of character. She opened her coat. She watched him as he kept his eyes fixed on her body. She unbuttoned her top button. And then the next. She paused as he looked up at her, licking his lips. She felt the first stirrings of arousal between her crossed legs. His eyes dropped as she unbuttoned some more. Her creamy white breasts were rising and falling with every breath she took. A smile crossed her lips as she saw the hardness of his penis through his suit trousers.

Kate watched as his hand went to his trouser zip. The sound of them unzipping seemed to drown out the noise of the train. She was excited. Months of fantasizing and she was finally going to see his dick. And it was hard for her!
He pulled his boxers down just far enough to release himself. She let out an involuntary gasp as his penis sprung out of the tight grey boxers. It was an average length but with a thickness and hardness that had her questioning the weight of it. She could feel a cool, wet trickle begin to run down her inner thigh and with a deep breath she opened her legs, displaying herself to him.

His hand began to slowly massage his cock as Kate hiked up her skirt and moved her panties aside. He stared into her eyes as she licked her finger and placed it onto her yearning clitoris. Biting her lip she suppressed a moan as she began to rub herself. She could see a glisten of semen on the end of his dick and her mouth pooled with saliva as she imagined its salty taste.

Kate brought her wet fingers up to her mouth and sucked on 2 of them before inserting them into her already dripping pussy. She could hear the familiar squelch as she thrusted her fingertips against her g-spot. Her body began to feel hot as she came closer to the point of climax. She widened the spread of her legs, no longer shy. His intense gaze was only turning her on more and she felt her body begin to shake as the build up reached the point of eruption. Her eyes widened as she saw the creamy, salty liquid begin to pour out the end of his cock. No longer aware of her surroundings, Kate threw back her head and let out an intense moan. She clenched her legs together as she felt her pussy pulse against her fingers.

As her body began to relax she brought her gaze back to Harry who was looking at her with that unforgettable smile.

‘That was fun.’ He leant forward as he rose from his seat, placing something in her hand. Her breath had barely made it back to a steady pace and she was watching as he unboarded the train. She wondered if he had even meant to get this train. Did he know what was going to happen? Is that why he had got the same train as her? Her head was still fuzzy as she looked down at what he had put in her hand. It was his phone number.


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  1. Sometimes doing something out of character is just the thing.


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