#SoSS Sharing The Sex Blogger Love

#SoSS Sharing The Sex Blogger Love

Behind this blogger, there is a person who can’t get enough of sexy chat. And writing about it on my blog doesn’t nearly feed my appetite for sexual musings. I gobble up sex blogs like a starved virgin. And due to my sexual famish, I am more than a little excited about the Share Our Shit Saturday posts. Except, ever the unorganized, I haven’t quite got the hang of doing them on a Saturday. Nevertheless, here are the sexy blog posts that most satiated my sexual hunger this week.

Titles are links 😉

Tabitha Rayne – A Beautifully Wicked Memory

I greatly admire anyone who can write erotic flash fiction. I had a go once and soon discovered it is a lot harder than it looks! But this story, in particular, is phenomenal. I was reeled in by her very first, extremely well-crafted sentence, and captivated until the very last word. It’s not often a story can have such an effect on me. But I found myself arching towards the screen with a need to be in the narrative.

Emmeline Peaches – Sharing Is Caring: The Therapeutic Benefits of Adult Conferences

I stumbled upon this post on the Eroticon website. If I’m honest, I probably could have read any post about Eroticon and enjoyed it. But this one definitely gave me the warm fuzzies. Because Emmeline is so right about how bloody amazing the community is that attend the conference. And how wonderful it can leave you feeling after. It both brought back lovely memories and got me even more excited for Eroticon 2018!

Isabelle Lauren – Stop Slut Shaming

I nodded my head along with this entire post. I have been the victim of slut shaming; people liked to call me ‘A walking STI.’ And at the time it really hurt to be punished for the fact I enjoyed sex. Isabelle covers a lot of examples of slut shaming, even including ones you may not have thought of. It is such an important message, especially in a world that is a million miles away from celebrating a female’s sexuality.

Coffee & Kink – Here’s What Happened When We Tried A Terrible Cock Ring

Obviously, most of us can imagine the experience of a terrible cock ring. Sadly, a lot of us have actually experienced said crappy cock ring. But, I urge you to read this post anyway solely for the laughs. I found the whole thing well written and pretty bloody hilarious. She took a light-hearted approach to an important message. Don’t buy shit cock rings. They don’t work and they are made of crap.

Bex Talks Sex – Femmes, Fear, And Gender: What Exploring My Gender Taught Me About My Sexuality

I found Bex’s experiences incredibly relatable throughout this post. But, more than that, it gave me an ‘Ah ha’ moment that I very rarely get. Especially in regards to my gender and sexuality confusions. There are very few blogs I find relatable in those respects. And this post not only made me feel less alone or different but it also answered some of the questions I have about myself. Gender and sexuality can be extremely confusing to many people, and I admire Bex for their honesty in this post. I know because of my need for these discussions, how rare relatable ones are to find.

Down The Bunny Rabbit Hole – Are Sex Toy Reviewers And Their Blogs Becoming Redundant? 

Any post I see that is in any way about sex blogging, I’m going to click on. It’s my hobby and I love it and I can’t get enough of it. This topic is something, that as a sex toy reviewer, I have been considering lately though. I even said to her yesterday that I feel a bit like we’re all a dime a dozen. She really points out how much we all hold value though. When there are so many preferences for sex toys, with anal players, g spot lovers, clit divas and so on, the more reviewers there are, the more likely a person will find one with similar tastes. I recommend any sex toy reviewers definitely check this post out.

Eugene Noale – Haircut Sensuality

This has got to be the sexiest, not obviously sexy photo I have ever seen. He’s just shaving his hair. So how the hell is it so hotly powerful? I am 99.9% certain it has got something to do with those eyes. Along with the words he has included in the post and I defy anyone not to have some feels about it.

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