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#SoSS Share Our Shit Saturday (On Sunday)

#SoSS Share Our Shit Saturday (On Sunday)

It’s that glorious time again, Share Our Shit Saturday. When I get to let bloggers know how amazing they are and share that amazingness with other people too! But, what I didn’t realise when this meme started was how I would benefit from it as a reader as well. It’s given me the perfect excuse to read as many blogs as possible and I get weekly recommendations from fellow sex bloggers on which posts are too good to miss! It’s just awesome. Share Our Shit Saturday is awesome.

Titles are links 😉

Hey Epiphora – Anatomy of a Negative Sex Toy Review (Or: The Mimic)

I knew within the first paragraph that as a self-confessed clit diva, the Mimic wasn’t right for me. Hell, I knew it the first time a person described the toy to me. But I read this post anyway because I love how Epiphora writes. And unlike the Mimic, her review won’t disappoint anyone (except maybe Clandestine). Honest, hilarious and thoroughly entertaining. I finished it highly amused and even surer that the Mimic won’t be finding its way into my toybox.

Backwoods Bedroom – Comparison Review: Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Gen Vs Pro Penguin OG

I was really excited to see this comparison review. As someone who doesn’t like the OG Penguin, I have been curious as to whether the Next Gen would work for me. The comparison is beautifully written and as always Backwoods Bedroom has stunning product photo’s to accompany it. It answered all of my questions, whilst also being a very entertaining read. Unfortunately, it has left me certain that as cute as the Next Gen is, it probably wouldn’t be right for me.

The Smutlancer – 8 Things I Learned at My First Sex Writing Conference

There are very few Smutlancer posts that I have not read. Kayla Lords writes about sex writing, it’s the blog of my dreams! When I spotted this post on Eroticon I absolutely did squeal a little. I am all kinds of excited for Eroticon and she couldn’t have summed up why any better.

Without the wonderful retailer LoveYourself Online I wouldn’t be going to Eroticon 2018. So please check out their amazing online store, full of stunning lingerie, sex toys for all and some very sexy bondage!

Girl On The Net – Crying After Sex: Two Stories

I have shamefully skirted around the fact that my sex drive has got the brakes on. I know there is no shame in that but as a sex blogger, it does make me feel somewhat like an imposter. Girl On The Net is someone I have looked up to since I first discovered sex blogging was even a thing, and to read this post in which she so accurately describes my own experiences, made me feel as though it’s okay. There is a place for sex bloggers whose sex drives have driven off of the nearest cliff. Because that’s real life. And sometimes real life gets in the way of great sex.

Fire And Honey – Far From The Light Of Day

This may just be the most beautiful piece of erotica I have ever read. It does more than just warm my genitals, it warms my heart too. I was completely absorbed by the perfectively descriptive and eloquent writing. It encompasses my relationship goals, and equally, my writing goals.

Mollys Daily Kiss – Autumn’s Fire

I just can’t get over how amazing this photo is. I love everything about it. The playfulness, her beautiful feet, the visible crispness of the leaves. It was such a fantastic idea that was perfectly captured and perfectly edited.

Annie Savoy – Hot Sun, Black Shade

I fell in love with this photo at first glance, who wouldn’t? The black and white edit is perfect and the light and shadows compliment her beautiful body, whilst adding even more interest to the picture. It’s simply gorgeous.

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