#SOSS – It’s About Time

#SOSS – It’s About Time

#SOSS – It’s About Time

#SOSS Stands for ‘Share Our Shit Saturday’. It’s an opportunity to share the recent posts that I’ve loved, so you can all enjoy them too. With so many amazing sex bloggers out there, it’s easy to miss some truly fantastic reads. So here are some I love! And make sure you check out the #SOSS hashtag on Twitter to find other blogger’s weekly favourites!

On Queer Street

I accidentally bookmarked 2 posts by this blogger to share this week. Apparently, she’s been busy doing some fantastic writing! Rather than deprive you of any of that fantasticness, I’ll share both –

Exposed – A very sexy story that had my fingers wandering into my knickers. Read it and you’ll see why.

Can I Taste Some of That Ice Cream Please? – This post is about the spoon analogy often used for chronic illness. It discusses whether it is okay to use the analogy when you don’t have an illness that could be described as chronic. Honestly, I had never considered this before, but feel the more people using it, the more that will hear about this useful tool.


Needle Play: Just a Few Small Pricks – I immediately shared this post on Twitter after reading it. It’s fascinating to read about their journey into needle play. Whilst I love all the bloggers discussing their established kinks, I love learning a bit about how people get to that point too.

The Library of Nell

Wriggled and Tiggled – This is a blog that was completely new to me. However, after reading this beautifully written, amusing and incredibly entertaining story, I am excited to see what else they have to offer!

The Curious Mermaid

Two Audio Meditations That Improved My Sexual Desire and Response – When I read this post, I got extremely excited! Not only had I found a sex blogger who I could really relate to, but they had great recommendations too. I can’t wait to try the audio meditations discussed and to delve a bit further into this brilliant blog!

(I do relate to other sex bloggers, but more in ‘that is what I am working towards’, than ‘that makes sense to who I am right now’.) 

Brigit Writes

Caged Bird – I just Love Brigit’s writing so much! This short fiction piece was stunning in a way I don’t have the words for. You really just have to read it to see what an artist she is with language.

I would love to hear which posts got your attention this week too!

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  1. Thank you so much for highlighting my post Aurora. I really appreciate it and am glad that you enjoyed it

  2. Aw, thanks Aurora! I appreciate the compliment and the share.

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