Sola Sync Wireless Remote Wand on a colourful stripey tin, with black background.

Review: Sola Sync Wireless Remote Wand

Review: Sola Sync Wireless Remote Wand

Sola Sync Wireless Remote Wand Review

Before reviewing the Sola Sync, I had tried the Sola Cue: So I was expecting a motor so intense it would champion every other vibrator my clit had come into contact with. Up until I pressed a Sola product against my bits, I never truly believed a vibe could be as strong as I really wanted. The Sola motor is the first motor that hasn’t had me aggressively tapping that plus button in the hopes I could get a little more vibe juice. It’s the first vibrator in which I can honestly say, ‘Please don’t make it any more powerful! My clit can’t take any more!’


Sola isn’t content with a fantastic product, they make sure it arrives beautifully packaged too. The entire experience from receiving it to orgasming is designed with pleasure in mind. Inside the gradient coloured box is a plastic tray displaying the exceptionally large Sola Sync. Beneath this are three small cardboard boxes containing the USB charging cable, adapter and storage pouch. That’s an adapter AND a storage pouch! *Applauds*

Photo of Sola Sync Packaging. Purple and pink gradient cardboard box
Sola Sync Packaging


When I said the Sola Sync was exceptionally large I was being entirely sincere. It is the largest sex toy I own in regards to length, at a staggering 12.5 inches. I mean… Woah! Sola didn’t do this just to make storage an absolute pain in my ass, it actually does have an advantage. Hard to reach areas are but a Sola Sync away. Although, let’s be honest, who is going to buy this for a back massage?

Given its length, you might expect the Sync to be a bit of a chore to hold, so heavy your arm gets a work out every time you wank.  However, Sola (the geniuses that they are) made the handle slimline. It is the most abnormal sex toy design I’ve seen since the dildo shoe, but it works. You get the length without the weight. And with the inclusion of the sharp angle, it is designed in a way that can be used in most positions of PIV sex AND would be inclusive of many people with mobility issues. *Another applaud*

At the end of this very strangely designed handle is the flexible wand head. It is not quite as broad as a traditional wand vibrator, being only 1.75 inches in width. Which seems like the perfect medium between broad and precise stimulation. It also has an interesting and thoughtful shape, with a flat end, a curved end and a contoured tip; making it suitable for a wider range of preferences.

The Sola Sync is completely body safe, with the majority being coated with a soft purple silicone. The hard but smooth head of the wand transmits the powerful vibrations perfectly, without the muffling some silicone toys can have.

On top of all this good stuff, the Sola Sync wand is also completely waterproof. However, the remote is not.

Photo of the Sola Sync, Remote on top of the white Storage Pouch
Sola Sync, Remote & Storage Pouch


The USB cable has a split tip, meaning it can charge both the wand and the remote simultaneously. A full charge takes 1.5 hours, providing you with the same amount of time to play before it needs more juice again. Whilst the adapter provided is a US adapter, the cable can be plugged into any USB port. I use a UK adapter.

Photo of the Sola Sync and its remote control plugged into the Sola adapter via USB cable.
Charging the Sola Sync


It seems to be the sex toy standard for a vibrator to come with both increasing steady vibes and numerous patterns. So much so, that I would probably yell ‘What the fuck do you call this?!’ at any vibrator that didn’t offer me that. Fortunately, my Sola Sync wand has only been victim to yells of pleasure rather than my privileged outrage. It has both 5 speeds and 5 patterns. Good job, Sola.

On the wand are 3 buttons, a circular switch to turn the Sync on/off and a plus and a minus button to scroll through the 10 functions. Keeping it simple, I like it.

Close up of the Sola Sync control panel. Three buttons - Plus sign, ring and a minus sign.
Sola Sync Controls


The remote control’s centre button needs to be held down for 3 seconds to switch it on. The remote has 5 separate buttons, making controlling the wand even easier as it eliminates the need to scroll through the functions. The wand is very responsive to its clicks, even when bodies get in the way. So, if you happened to want to control a wand vibrator during an orgy, you could totally do that. I might like to do that…

Photo of the Sola Sync Remote Control. A circular, purple controller with 5 buttons.
Sola Sync Remote Control


Are you a buzzy fan? More of a rumble lover? It’s kinda irrelevant with the Sola Sync, as it seems to have the perfect harmony of the two. It’s got the buzz, but with enough rumble to stop my clit from going numb after 5 minutes and reducing me to tears of unreleased sexual frustration. Which absolutely has happened to me with another wand vibrator which I probably shouldn’t name. Uhh hmm… Bodywand.


Never, ever, ever have I used a sex toy and not wanted the ultimate power it has to offer. In fact, most of the time I want more than the highest intensity can offer. The Sola Sync is so damn powerful that my clit reaches the fourth intensity and screams ‘Please, no more!’ Which, sound pretty awesome right?

The problem arises when I use the patterns, which don’t have a, ‘I’d only like this on a medium intensity, please’ option. They all include a hit, however brief, of that full whack my clit is on fire buzz. It takes me a whole lot of warm up to face them down and let them gimme their best shot.

Along with power, which I think we have established the Sola Sync has a metric crap tonne of, comes noise. And lots of it. Sola Sync and discreet do not belong in the same sentence. Unless the sentence is the one I just happened to write…

Photo of the Sola Sync Wand Head on a white background. Also showing the metallic pink trim on the wand.
Sola Sync Wand Head

Play Time

When I grab the Sync, I am basically picking up an orgasm. And, in my experience, a seriously bloody intense one. The broader stimulation does make this Sola take a little longer to get me off than a good bullet vibe, but the journey is an absolute pleasure. A joy. A merry happy damn good time. The only problem that can arise after 10 minutes of me using the Sync whilst my legs shudder and my teeth leave dents in my lower lip, is the buzz can start to irritate my outer labia. Inside those outer folds, things are all good. But my external labia is, after ten minutes, starting to yell at me to hurry the fuck up and get on with it.

Full size image of the Sola Sync on a white background.
Long & Light Sola Sync


Sola is a brand I admire for their quality and thoughtfulness in design. The Sola Sync has only strengthened my opinion of the company. They haven’t created yet another wand vibrator that is the same as all the rest, they have made something unique, to bring the satisfaction of wands to those who may not have enjoyed the classic designs. The Sync suits me despite my aversion to broad stimulation. It ups the fun as well as the accessibility with a remote control. And it is even sharply angled to work during PIV sex.

If you want to try the Sola Sync Wireless Remote Wand you can purchase one here for $123

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Huge thanks to Peepshow Toys for sending me the Sola Sync Wireless Remote Wand in exchange for an honest review!

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Sola Sync Wireless Remote Wand

Sola Sync Wireless Remote Wand

Vibe Power

10.0 /10

Noise (1 = loud)

5.0 /10

Orgasm Rating

10.0 /10


10.0 /10

Ease of Use

10.0 /10


  • Waterproof Wand
  • Powerful
  • Light
  • Accessible Design
  • Flexible Head


  • Loud
  • Slightly Buzzy

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