So Divine Let's Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator Review

Review: So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator

Review: So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator

So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator Review

Dual stimulation vibrators like the classic rabbit have got a pretty bad reputation. When they match up with your anatomy and needs they are the holy grail of sex toys but finding one that does usually involves trying a lot that don’t. Given this reputation, I’ve always felt rather blessed to have what I could only describe as a universal vagina. It’s rarer for me to find a rabbit that misses the spot than one that leaves me a quivering mess of post-orgasmic pleasure. It seems though, with the So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator, I have found the proverbial needle in the sex toy haystack. The needle I wasn’t looking for, and the rabbit that doesn’t quite fit my universal vagina.


So Divine is a company that stands out to me for the thoughtfulness of their packaging and extras. They never fail to include a storage pouch and adapter, included without missing out on the luxury box as well. With the Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit they certainly didn’t disappoint.

So Divine Let's Go Crazy Rabbit Packaging
So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit Packaging


This elegantly designed vibe is my favourite colour, in a glorious shade of purple. However, when it comes to sex toys, it’s a colour that seems to be replacing pink in the overdone category. That being said, it’s probably more of a sex toy collectors niggle than a universal one. The base is a crisp white and houses the function buttons and charging port.

Made of a smooth and soft silicone, it is phthalates free and body safe. The 5 inch shaft features a gentle curve and slightly bulbous tip, at a 4.25 inch circumference, designed for stimulating the g spot. It is mildly flexible, giving room for adjustment but having the firmness needed to stimulate the g spot. With two separate motors, you don’t miss out on any stimulation internally or externally when you choose to increase the power of the other. I’ve dealt with the frustration of dual stimulators with a single motor and I’m telling you, it severely sucks.

The clitoral arm is extremely flexible at its base. This is fantastic for adjusting its placement to suit your body shape. Whilst like the shaft, it has a firmness that better transmits the vibrations. Unlike hard plastic vibes though, you get the comfort of a soft and slightly cushioned silicone.

In design, the So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit has got so much going for it! Which makes the mismatch to my anatomy all the more frustrating. It could have been a sex toy romance to last a lifetime. Or at least until I vibed it to death.

So Divine Let's Go Crazy Rabbit Storage Pouch
So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit Storage Pouch


I’m going to keep this short and sweet because, let’s face it, nobody cares. In the list of things that matter when it comes to sex toy purchases, charging functions are way down there with button placement. The So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit charges via USB, as so many sex toys do. It comes with a UK adapter, which is glorious for me and useless for anyone outside of the UK. I can’t comment on the longevity of its charge, though only to say I’ve used this a good few times and the vibes aren’t even faltering.

Charging the So Divine Let's Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator
Charging the So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator


I don’t know the last time I tried a vibrator that didn’t have the standard few speeds and patterns. The Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator is no different. Although, it is up there with the best in that you have the option to change the intensity of the patterns as well as the steady vibrations. There are three speeds and seven patterns, all with seven levels of intensity. That’s a staggering 70 options! That should keep you busy. Or like me, you can be a bore and just use the fastest speed and highest intensity each and every time. What can I say? I know what I like.

Of course, with being spoilt for choice in vibration options, you pay the price of having a mind-boggling number of buttons to navigate. Five. I know, crazy right? Fortunately, they are indented into the silicone so are easier to find during use. You just need to memorise where each one is located. Or be highly flexible so you can see the base as you play. Which I most certainly am not.

So Divine Let's Go Crazy Rabbit Buttons
So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit Buttons

Heat Function

The heat function is what takes the So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit from standard to special. If you’ve ever shivered vaginally at the insertion of a cold vibrator, you will understand its purpose. Heating up to match the average body temperature, it is not about noticeable temperature play. But, more about unnoticeable temperature.

It is only the shaft that warms up, so your clitoris will still have to shiver through these chilly winter nights. Or you could rub it warm? Yeah, that seems like a pretty sound option. The heating function only takes around 20 seconds to reach the cosiest of temperatures. Impressive.

So Divine Let's Go Crazy Heating Shaft
So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Heating Shaft

Play Time

Everything about the So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit Vibe sounds pretty damn good right? And it probably is. For someone else. But, this beautifully designed rabbit just does not match up with my anatomy. Trust me, I got into positions I didn’t know I was capable of in an attempt to contour my body to match up. I finally understand why everyone complains about dual stimulators. If it was hitting my g spot the external arm was a mile away from my clit. And if it’s on my clit the internal shaft is closer to my cervix than my sweet spot.

With vibrations so rumbling and powerful, it sure as hell can get me off. But, the whole process involves my g spot crying out for some much-needed attention. And I do hate to neglect something as precious to me as that deliciously tender spot.

But, that is me. And the thing about bodies is that they are all so incredibly different.

With a dollop of water-based lube, the So Divine Rabbit glided inside me like a warmed up, wet dream. The firmness and flex are ideal for pleasurable pressure on the g spot and the smooth silicone makes thrusting easy and comfortable. Of course, rabbit vibrators are best left stationary. And this is where the internal patterns play a much-desired part. Adding the illusion of movement to your vaginal canal.

The clitoral stimulator transmits the powerful vibrations well and the softness gives me the option to press it firmly against my vulva. Increasing the sensations. My divaliscious clit was satisfied with the stimulation it received and even without g spot pleasures, I was brought to a body shaking orgasm. In fact, usually, when I use this rabbit I get the joys of multiple body shaking orgasms. Thanks, So Divine!

So Divine Let's Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator
So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator


So Divine is a company I really admire. Their toys are thoughtfully and beautifully designed and the Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit is in keeping with that. Do I wish it was shaped differently? Of course! But, the fact it doesn’t work for my anatomy says nothing about it as a sex toy. There are plenty of vaginas it will fit like a satin glove. It’s just unfortunate that mine is not one of them.

It is a sex toy ideal for beginners due to its slimline design and with its multiple functions, it’s quite the all-rounder. For me, the heating function is an unnecessary addition. Who knows though, maybe there are people who really value that as a feature? What I really value is the intensity of its vibrations! Wowza!

So Divine Let's Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator

If you would like to see if the So Divine Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator fits your anatomy, you can purchase one here for £59.99*

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*On sale at the time of review. Usual price £64.99

Huge thanks to So Divine for sending me the Let’s Go Crazy Rabbit Vibrator in exchange for an honest review!

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