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Smoking Fetish & How To Give A Smoking Blow Job

Smoking Fetish & How To Give A Smoking Blow Job

I am a smoker. Usually, that is cause to hang my head in shame. Unless talking to a person with a smoking fetish. When I can wear my 20 a day habit with pride. As with all fetishes, the sexual arousal can be caused by many things in relation to smoking. There are also a number of great ways to enjoy it, depending upon what you or your partner get off on. Throughout television history, a powerful woman almost always came complete with a cigarette. And you wouldn’t catch a sex scene without a post-coital smoke shared amongst lovers. Given the media generation most of us were raised in, it is unsurprising a smoking fetish is borderline common in the fetish world.
I have chosen to use the term smoking fetish, however, the official name for it is capnolagnia. ‘Capno’ meaning carbon dioxide and ‘lagnia’ meaning sexual intercourse.
The specifics a person may have alongside their smoking fetish are very vast. It can be as specific as what they are smoking. For eg, cigarettes, cigars, vapes, pipes etc. They may even have a preference for which brand. In can also be specific to who is smoking. They may have a preference for a trans female, a woman wearing lipstick or an addict over a casual smoker. Either way, the one thing they have in common is that the sight of a person ‘lighting up’ gets them hot under the collar.
Males may dominate the world of smoking fetishists, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people of all genders getting hot for smoke. In fact, Girlonthenet wrote a great post about how she finds a smoker all the more endearing here.

My Partner Has A Smoking Fetish

Your partner will know what it is about smoking that gets them off. They need to communicate with you if it’s something you are going to enjoy together. If you are already a smoker then that’s great (well I mind kind of!) If not, please don’t start. Your partner would prefer you were healthy then have their fetish fulfilled. And if you keep reading we’re going to cover ideas for smokers and for non-smokers too!
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If You’re A Smoker

Wear Lipstick – Red is most popular, but if it’s not your colour you can improvise with another shade. The sight of your lipstick on the butt of a cigarette is likely to be a winner.
Smoke During Sex – This is pretty obvious. But the idea of them getting you so hot and bothered you need to light up? That’s good stuff.
Smoke Whilst You Masturbate – Put on a show. Almost everyone loves to see their partner pleasuring themselves. Guaranteed arouser when adding a cigarette into the mix.
Smoking Strip Tease – Anything sexual whilst you’re smoking is likely to go down well. Performing a striptease whilst puffing away is a sure-fire way of getting him in the mood and doing something a little different.
Smoking Blow Job – If your partner has a penis this is probably THE way to satisfy those smoking desires. Keep reading for a guide on the ultimate smoking blowjob.

If You’re A Non-Smoker

Unfortunately for some, the appeal lies in the addiction to smoking. So although this is a desire you couldn’t and shouldn’t fulfil as a non-smoker, there are ways you can include your partner’s fetish in your sex life.
Background Porn – A lot of couples watch porn together and even have it on during sex. It may be fun to choose a porn video that includes smoking and that you both find arousing. If porn isn’t your thing then I’m sure your partner can think of a tv show/movie with a sexy smoker. Perfect to go on in the background during intercourse.
Story Time – Mutual masturbation complete with a story about you smoking. Fulfill their fetish using the power of fantasy. Tell them about you as a smoker. How sex makes you crave a long drag on a cigarette. How amazing the smoke feels as you breathe it into your body. Be descriptive and pay attention to how he reacts to your words. Which parts of the story does he enjoy most? This is something that will get more enjoyable for you both each time you do it.
Electronic Cigarettes – Providing their fetish isn’t based on the addiction to cigarettes then a nicotine free electronic cigarette may be worth investing in. These are usually plastic but look quite realistic and still produce the illusion of smoke. With one of these, you could try all the suggestions listed above for smokers.

How To Be A Sexy Smoker

So you smoke, but you don’t feel like you’re a sexy smoker. What do people do that makes smoking so sexy?
Smoke with confidence. Smoke with a well-manicured hand. Smoke like your life depends on each rebellious drag. Like the cigarette holds more meaning to you than anything at that moment. Do it like you’ve done it a thousand times before. With a strong, confident posture. Lick your lips. Purse them. Pout them as you allow the smoke to leave your body. Just visibly enjoy the whole smoking experience.
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Didn’t You Say Something About A Smoking Blowjob?

I did. And not any smoking blowjob. The ultimate smoking blowjob. Before we start with my top tips though let’s just state the obvious. Avoid burning the penis with your fag. Keep the ash short as well to save from any unfortunate accidents.
So what is a smoking blowjob? Basically, you take smoking and you take blowjobs and you combine the two to achieve a smoking fetishists idea of heaven. For tips on giving a mind-blowing blowjob click here! But if you’ve already got that bit covered, then here’s how to incorporate smoking.
Start by getting him erect. Then light up your (insert smoking implement of choice) and blow the smoke over his penis. Suck for a while and repeat. Keep a drink at hand since wet blowjobs are best and smoking will dry out your mouth. Mix things up by taking a toke, putting his penis in your mouth and then letting the smoke escape from your nostrils. You can also hold the cigarette in your mouth whilst you play with him with your hands. Take tokes whilst it rests between your lips and let him see the smoke pour out the corners of your mouth. Look him in the eyes as you take those long delicious drags. Straight after he has cum light up again and smoke, relaxed and flashing devilish, satisfied glances.
Do you or your partner have a smoking fetish? What great tips do you have? Let me know in the comments below!
If there are any other fetishes you’d like me to cover please let me know! You can find me on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook!
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  1. Kinky stuff is not really my thing, but may be for my new boyfriend. Am trying to figure how to introduce the subject with him.

    1. Author

      I am sure if there are other things he would like to try in the bedroom then he will bring them up when he feels ready. But personally I will ask about less kinky things first, for eg sex outside or anal, and then will let the conversation reach other things naturally. I think it’s easier to open up about those things if your partner is doing so too, so if there is anything you feel comfortable sharing with him it may help. This is a question often asked and probably warrants a blog post. I will definitely get on that.
      Thank you for your comment!
      Aurora x

  2. You are spot on , it was amazing that others had the same fetish as I do. I thought I had invented the smokey blowjob. Never seen it before that was years ago. The hotest sex ever. You mentioned smoking and looking in the eyes of your partner. While going down on your partner smoke slowly rolling from your mouth and looking in his or her eyes is the key to the experience. Great to see this.

    1. Author

      Thank you so much for your comment! I remember feeling the same way about being the only one with my fetish. Until the internet set me straight lol! It’s great to hear from someone with a smoking fetish that I covered things well enough.
      Aurora x

      1. Great post! My husband has a smoking fetish and although I don’t smoke, it’s been fun indulging him. His fetish has grown on me over time. I would never become a smoker, I truly dislike the habitual aspect of smoking, but I believe it doesn’t preclude me from enjoying smoking from time to time. Same as drinking alcohol really. I understand why you do not recommend non-smoker to smoke in your post, but I believe that even non-smokers can partake in their partner smoking fetish by lighting up once in a while without fearing to become addicted.

        I feel sexy when I smoke and for me smoking is an indulgence that I have grown to enjoy thanks to my husband fetish. It is purely sexual and I wouldn’t do it for other reasons than getting ourselves in the mood or increasing our pleasure during sex.

        1. Author

          It sounds like you have the perfect scenario and it is clearly something you both enjoy! I’m so glad you can manage to keep smoking just for fetish fun. It shows that it is entirely possible!
          Thank you for your comment! It’s great to hear how you work his smoking fetish into your sex life, especially as a non smoker.
          Aurora x

  3. Awesome article. Sums up my fantasies to a T. Brought my fetish up to my wife a few weeks ago and I was terrified. She shot me down and was apalled. Wouldn’t even listen to what I had to say about how she could please me as a non-smoker…


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