Q & A – Would A Small Penis Bother Women?

Q & A – Would A Small Penis Bother Women?

Each week I will be answering a question asked to me by one of my readers. If you have a question you would like me to answer then please contact me here and keep your eye out for my upcoming Q & A. I was asked how I felt about a small penis this week when a reader asked me:

I have a small penis. It is only 4″ when erect and quite slim, is this something that would bother women?

Unfortunately, I can’t speak for all women on this as we all have different opinions and preferences. I can tell you that for me it wouldn’t be an issue at all and let you know why. I can also offer some advice to make the most of what you’ve got.

Firstly the g-spot is only about 5cm inside the vagina and that’s the spot we all want to hit right? Certain positions are going to hit the g-spot better than others. I recommend doggy style. If you have your legs open and she closes her once you are inside it will make the experience more enjoyable for both of you. Also, you could try missionary with her legs over your shoulders or cowgirl with her leant back. These positions will allow you to get deeper penetration as well as hitting her g-spot.

My personal favourite dildo is the Fifty Shades of Grey Mini G-Spot Vibrator which is exactly 4″ in insertable length and reaches the ideal spot every single time.

If your partner is maintaining a good kegel exercise routine then her vagina will be more toned which will make orgasms easier to reach and more intense for you both.

Clitoral stimulation is every mans friend. Most women can’t orgasm through penetration alone anyway regardless of a man’s length or girth. You can use your fingers to stimulate her clitoris, try a bullet vibrator or my favourite way is with a vibrating cock ring.

The most nerve endings involved in sexual stimulation for a woman are in the clitoris. Because of this, the first few inches of her internal vagina are the most sensitive as she can feel your penis rubbing against those same nerves.

If you do have a small penis something you can try, is a penis extender like this one by Lovehoney. These add both length and girth to your penis and are popular with men of all penis sizes.

I would say though, it’s probably something that bothers you more than it will bother any of your sexual partners.

Thank you for your question and I hope I was able to help! Remember if anyone has any other questions for me then please contact me here.

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