The Show Must Go On

Sinful Sunday – The Ringleader

Sinful Sunday – The Ringleader

Things have been going a bit crappy for me just lately. It seems if it can go wrong, it will. But I’m the ringleader of my life and the show must go on. I’ll start by doing one of my favourite weekly activities. Sinful Sunday!

The ringleader sinful sunday

Sinful Sunday

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  1. I now have an earworm of Freddy Mercury/Queen singing The Show Must Go On.

    Good luck. πŸ™‚

  2. No reason not to take the lead and change the directuon of things. Of course lovely picture as well.

  3. I hope everything is OK in your world. I hate that when one thing after another seems to go wrong. I love this sexy shot though and damn you have great legs


  4. Such a sparkling, sexy photo to start your week with.
    And I hope the rest of the week sparkles for you just like this!!!
    Xxx – K

  5. Let’s hope for a better week. Stay sinful, this photo certainly is and for what it’s worth, very arousing.

  6. Sorry things have not been great. But “ringleader of my life” is an awesome sentiment. I’m stealing that! Xx

  7. Really hope things pick up for you, lovely. I love his image – It’s awesome to see more of you – and I love how you have twisted a negative and made this photo and the words attached into a positive. Sending you loads of love <3 Xx

  8. I know how you’re feeling, sympathetic hugs for the crappiness xx

    Love this shot though, the sparky hat and those legs!!

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