Sinful Sunday One Single Drop

Sinful Sunday – In One Single Drip

Sinful Sunday – In One Single Drip

I love that moment when the candle drips. The anticipation. Where will the wax land? How long before there’s another? Can I bear any more?

It is everything I love about kink, in one single drip.

Sinful Sunday One Single Drop


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Sinful Sunday

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  1. So very true, the anticipation is fabulous.
    Great image.

  2. I adore wax play. The initial shock that almost instantly disappears, replaced with the warmth, and the delicious hold of the set wax.

    1. Lovely shot! It’s definitely full of anticipation. (For some reason it’s only letting me comment if I reply to another comment.)

  3. You are so right about wax, I have never thought about it that way but it really does sum up so much of what kink is about for me too


  4. Lovely image although I keep thinking about the end effect it would have on legs like mine… >shudder<


  5. I don’t know if I could handle that. I’d try on my leg I guess. That is quite a photo.

    1. Author

      I use it on my legs mostly to be honest as I enjoy wax play solo. I definitely recommend trying it!

  6. I adore wax play, the rush I get is like nothing else. Oddly, though, it’s the one activity guaranteed to give my subdrop.

    Hot as hell photo!

    1. Author

      It’s amazing isn’t it! I should do it with my partner more so I can really let go. I do it solo most often.

  7. I like the way the anticipation has been caught mid air as we can see the next drop of wax ready to fall on to your skin.

  8. This is really high on my list of things to try and I love how this post describes the anticipation. Xx

  9. Wax play is just superb isn’t it, you’ve captured it perfectly, the unknown, the anticipation…wonderful.

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