Feature photo for Sinful Sunday - I Am... Moving On.

Sinful Sunday – I Am… Moving On

Sinful Sunday – I Am… Moving On

I Am… Moving On

This past year I have really felt myself moving on to a new chapter of my life. Starting university, leaving an unhealthy relationship and successfully coming off the medication for my mental health issues. It has been a year of positive transitioning for me, so I wanted to demonstrate that with this month’s prompt.

I love prompt week and this one was extra special as it introduced me to a new brilliant podcast – The Ersties Podcast.

Image of Aurora Glory nude, with black suitcase angled to cover her body.

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Sinful Sunday

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  1. Lovely . . . and touching . . . photo!
    Wishing you best wishes with your moving on !!!
    Xxx – K

  2. I have always found you incredibly sexy, Aurora. I am glad you have moved on. Have fun in school and enjoy learning. Fun clever shot today.

  3. I love the symbolism in your image. So good that you have moved on and that 2018 is the year you have chosen for yourself!

    Rebel xox

  4. I love how your knees are the level of the black backdrop and I love how your pale skin blends against the wall. This image is bloody clever <3

    I am happy to read life is on the up for you-you are beautiful, smart, sexy woman who deserves the best and I wish for all the things you desire to come to you <3 x

  5. A fabulous image Aurora. And such good news that life is moving in the right direction for you. You are a brilliant person and I so enjoyed being on the Smut Marathon with you.

  6. Oh Aurora – i am so glad u are going to Uni and moving on – I have always thought u are way to bright not to push yourself and now I can see you are so brave to be actually doing it – this is a really uplifting photo – wishing you all the luck possible xx

  7. What a striking image Aurora! Good luck with all the things that are new.
    Missy x

  8. Wonderfully clever image. I am delighted you are stepping away from your problems and moving onwards and up-wards, developing yourself. The Suitcase aptly illustrates this – go you!

  9. Oh I wish you so well, you should be so proud of how far you’ve come and welcome your new chapter with open arms, best wishes x

  10. Good for you lovely Aurora. I am so pleased for you and I love seeing you developing and finding your way. You are such a beautiful and talented person


  11. A well created image that perfectly captures this moment in your life where you are moving on to a new chapter and fits in well with the monthly prompt.

  12. So pleased to see you sharing this image for Sinful Sunday, not only because it’s such a fab image, but because of the meaning behind it. You are kickin’ ass in so many ways right now and I can’t wait to see where your moving on takes you. I suspect to great places. Wonderful share Aurora x

  13. This is gorgeous and made my heart soar. I love the very blatant symbolism of you embracing transition and wish you all the best! xxx

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