Photo of good vibe only vibrator on the beach with wave coming up to it. Photo says 'sinful sunday'

Sinful Sunday – Good Vibes Only

Sinful Sunday – Good Vibes Only

Spinning the wheels I got the prompts ‘no humans’ and ‘minimalist’. At first, I was quite excited about my results as I have never done a Sinful Sunday image without a person in it. But then I realised how much of a challenge I faced. How could I do a minimalist photo, with no people, and make it anything other than boring?

I gave it my best attempt, but I still don’t think it could ever compare to a nice sexy body shot.

Photo of a brightly colourd vibrator saying'Good Vibes Only' on the sand of a beach.

Click the lips below for some truly sinful photos! 

Sinful Sunday

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  1. Well I think you did a brilliant job and I love how the angle you have taken this from makes it really hard to tell how big this toy is.


  2. This is SO not boring! I love the bright colours of the vibe against the more muted seascape colours.

  3. The colours on the simple shape against the plain sand background make for such a striking shot. Love it.
    Missy x

  4. Your image reminds me of a Zoom lolly and summertime!

    I’m expecting to see a tiny person walk in next to it as the vibe looks enormous on the sand!

  5. I think you have created the perfect image to go with your prompt. I really like this!

    Rebel xox

  6. This is wonderful. It gave me good vibes, made me smile, and made me excited for summer.

  7. I really like this. The contrast between the beach and the toy is brilliant. What a great shot 😊

  8. A highly intriguing shot. You got some skills, girl. I love the contrast.

  9. This is bloody fantastic shot – the toy you picked is perfect. It looks like a tropical beach setting and the addition of the slogan on it adds such a chilled out vibe to the image! I love the one with the bubbles too 🙂

    You nailed prompt <3 x

  10. That totally works for me, rainbows and beaches…what’s not to love!

  11. I love this shot. I hope you used it on that wonderful empty beach after taking your photo. Xx

  12. This is bloody fantastic shot – the toy you picked is perfect., i love its color

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