A Creative Streak - Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday – A Creative Streak

Sinful Sunday – A Creative Streak

If someone had asked me before I started my blog whether I was creative, I’d likely have had a good laugh before firmly stating that no I am not. But, the longer I blog the more apparent it becomes to me that the creative side is the side I truly love. It’s the bit that fuels my passion and keeps me coming back for more.

Now I look back and I can see how creativity has always been a part of my life. Sorting my teenage emotions through poetry and covering my bedroom walls in drawings.  Being repeatedly told off at college for my writing not being ‘business-like’. It was a constant battle with everything I wrote. All the crafty hobbies I’ve picked up over the years and loved.

I now know why I never saw myself as creative. I’m a perfectionist. And there was no way of me measuring the perfection of my creativity. If I got a maths sum right I knew it. But art, in whatever form, has no right or wrong. Creatives are constantly breaking the rules and getting amazing results. I also finally see that I don’t have to be good at every artistic thing to call myself creative. I can still be creative even if my paintings look like a 5-year-old did them and I can’t work out one end of a guitar from the other.

Sinful Sunday - A Creative Streak

Click the lips below for some creative and devilishly sinful snaps!

Sinful Sunday

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  1. From what I can see it does not look like a five-year-old is doing that drawing. I mean the artwork, not the artist. And, what a creative photo.

  2. Oh Aurora, each day, each week, each month you are growing and growing and fast becoming one of the most popular blogs. How wonderful is it to see you blooming and gaining the confidence and enjoying yourself. You deserve all the accolades, what you produce is stunning just as you are x

  3. You do product reviews but one of the things I love about your blog is the diversity of all the other stuff – this photo is great – as is the drawing you are creating in the image. Along the way, I have had doubts with regards to my blog and my man says “keep on doing what you are doing” – and that’s exactly what I am saying to you – because you get it right! x

  4. I always look forward to your posts. Fun and interesting . . . and certainly creative !!!
    Wonderful !!!
    Xxx – K

  5. I agree with what the others have said! If that drawing you are working on is yours then it’s not a five years olds’ drawing (mind you some artists would kill to draw like a five year old)…
    Keep doing what you are doing Lovely, I voted for your blog cause I love it!
    Indie x

  6. I feel very much the same about my creativity. At school I didn’t take art because I couldn’t (and still can’t draw) and that is all it seemed to be about. I always got crappy marks and it put me off doing it. It wasn’t until I started blogging and taking pictures that I discovered that I am a creative artist my medium is just not drawing/painting


  7. I relate very strongly to what you’ve said, and I’m glad that you’ve reached the point where you are happy embracing and being proud of your own creativity. x

  8. You definitely are a creative soul. Just take a step back, browse through your blog and look at the amazing things you have done up to now. Wonderful!

    And the image is really beautiful too!

    Rebel xox

  9. Creativity is so broad and so much more than the traditional canon of art history. Your photos and writing are plenty creative – glad to hear you’re feeling it! Don’t stop!

  10. I get those feels – being creative covers many fields. You are seriously creative and if you ever question it, look at your blog, your insta – your work is amazing <3 x

  11. What a brilliant post, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head about creativity. There’s no absolute answer, and I guess that can be quite intimidating… but once you get that, you can be free! So delighted for you x x

  12. I think everyone has a bit of creativity in. I’m glad you’ve realized your arty side. Love this post and picture. Very encouraging.

  13. I can’t draw either but creativity goes far beyond what the eye sees. Love this.

  14. It’s strange how we view ourselves isn’t it. I don’t consider myself creative at all.

    I’m so happy that you’ve realised that part of you exists and I can’t wait to see more as you find your freedom.

  15. I love this post and I love how many people here have the experience of creativity unlocked. And this is a really lovely contemplative photo. Xx

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