Share Our Shit Saturday

Share Our Shit Saturday

Share Our Shit Saturday

I suppose it is somewhat ironic that last week I said about how life was getting in the way of many peoples blogs recently, and then this week my son came down with chickenpox and my blogging routine went down the toilet. Fortunately, whilst I didn’t have the time or energy to write my own sex blog goodness, I did get to enjoy everyone else’s! And as usual, there was a whole lot of variety and awesomeness for me to devour.

Titles are links ūüėČ

Mollys Daily Kiss – Top 100 Sex Blog 2017

Obviously today a very special list was published. I am still so surprised to have come in at 31 and I am¬†really excited to see many of my favourite blogs are on there too! I’ve also spotted a few that are new to me which I can’t wait to check out!

Red Hot Suz – Fat & Fucking: Dating Desirability as a Plus Size Woman

This is something that really needed to be written and it was something I so needed to read. I related to¬†basically all of what Suz said as I’m sure, unfortunately, other plus size women would too. I’d love to hear more from her about this, especially her journey to becoming the body positive woman she is today. Fingers crossed I’ll get there one day!

Jerusalem Mortimer – Defending the politics of BDSM: Power at the mercy of pleasure

I really enjoy blog posts that make me think. And this one really made me think of the word ‘power’ and how it is used in different contexts. The post discusses the role power plays in¬†a d/s scenario and made me consider why I identify with a submissive role. It is a short piece of writing that left me contemplating things for quite a long time after.

The Smutlancer – Pitching and Rejection: What You Need to Know

Pitching is something I’ve been considering having a go at lately in the hopes it may help pay for Eroticon expenses. But, honestly, I am terrified and expecting nothing but rejection. Reading this made me feel a lot better about things though. Hey, fifty rejections are fifty lessons learnt right?

Exposing 40 РStatus, Stigma and Self-Testing 

This post shocked me. The heartbreaking treatment of people in Nigeria and the still terrible statistics for HIV in the UK, even given our privilege. I think Exposing 40 has done amazingly in spreading the word on this and I really recommend giving it a read.

Annie Savoy РAbsence 

The way the sun is kissing the gorgeous curves of her body in this photograph is mesmerising! It was captured at a perfect moment and the longer I look at it the more beautiful little details I spot.


I’ve decided to add a section for an old post, pre #SoSS, each week. There are countless posts I’ve enjoyed over the last year that deserve a share for anyone who might have missed them.

LittleSwitchBitch – Outdoors

This is one of the Sinful Sunday photo’s I have never forgotten. To me, it’s perfect and beautiful and has an innocent, Snow White or Eve reaching for the forbidden fruit, look about it. Her photos are always stunning but this has to be my favourite one of hers yet!

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