Share Our Shit Saturday – Because We Work Our Asses Off

Share Our Shit Saturday – Because We Work Our Asses Off

Woohoo! It is Share Our Shit Saturday, which means I get to let some awesome bloggers know just how awesome they are! We all work incredibly hard, whether we are posting three times a week or once a fortnight. This week I saw a decline in posts from a lot of my favourite blogs. And understandably! Not only does life get in the way of this labour of love, but the cold weather is enough to make anyone want to stick their head under the duvet and hibernate. In October I had to take a little break from posting to take care of me. It’s absolutely necessary to do so occasionally. And I’ll be ready and waiting to consume all the content when they return feeling revived. If there is one thing all of us in the sex blogging community can understand, it’s the need for an occasional time out.

Anyway, on to the posts that got me excited in their fantasticalness this week…

Titles are links 😉

If Sex Matters – Why Should We Call Ourselves Sinners?

Wow, this story was hot and wrong in all the right ways! It was incredibly gripping. I was on the edge of my seat, reading as fast as possible to find out what was going to happen. Not only that but they took such a clever approach to the way in which it was narrated. It’s a fantastic highly erotic story that I wholeheartedly recommend reading.

Rebel’s Notes – Fantasy Candles

This post so beautifully depicted everything I love about wax play. She describes her story as a ‘simple fantasy’, but there was nothing simple about it to me. It was full of sensory imagery and anticipation. So perfectly describing the intense psychological effect wax play can have on the receiver. There’s also the glorious addition of an incredibly sexy snap!

Floss Does Life – Compersion: Buzzword, or Beautiful?

I absolutely adore everything about this post. The way in which Floss discusses compersion is beautifully honest. I’ve only experienced monogamy but have had enough jealous moments to know compersion is not something that would come naturally to me. This post made me realise that doesn’t mean non-monogamy is a total write off for me. It is a very well written, entertaining and thoughtful post that even I, monogamous me, found relatable.

Emmeline Peaches Reviews – 10 Great Gift Ideas That Aren’t Sex Toys (But Are For Sex Nerds)

I am guilty of never reading gift guides. I like my gifts to be personal in a way that a gift guide rarely can help me with. When I found this one it was more about finding things I could buy for me, rather than anyone else. I just don’t know any other sex nerds in real life. It’s very sad, I know. I have scoured the web in the past trying to hunt down sex nerd goodies and I didn’t come across a thing even half as good as the items on this list. I genuinely mean it when I say I want every single thing Emmeline has listed.


Candy Snatch Reviews – Call Me Baby

If we were all asked to think of a sex blogger that would make the best pin up model, I think every one of us would agree it’s got to be Candy Snatch. If anyone isn’t sure they should check out this series of photos, which very clearly prove how awesome a pin up girl she is.

Pain As Pleasure – Ready For Punishment

Sometimes an image takes my breath away and renders me speechless. This was one of those photographs. Everything about it is perfect to me.  The Victorian costumes are just incredible and the photo has been edited so accurately for the theme. I’ve always wanted to do a Victorian style photograph, but I could never achieve one like this.

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  1. Aurora thank you so much for the mention – in the comment section you mentioned that you felt uncomfortable reading my story and you were meant too – what happened was not PC but it was HOT and I am glad you saw it that way 😉

    1. I loved your story May. Sex and religion hold a lot delicious taboos to explore and yiu nailed it x
      Brilliant SSOS Aurora x

  2. Thank you so much for the mention and liking my fantasy. I just so love wax play!

    Rebel xox

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