Share Our Shit Saturday #SoSS

Share Our Shit Saturday #SoSS

I was about one week into my sex blogging journey when it hit me. I didn’t know almost everything about sex, I actually knew almost nothing. There was a whole world of sex going on that I didn’t have a damn clue about. I thought a munch was a snack. The only CBT I’d heard of was cognitive behavioural therapy. And, well honestly I  could go on and on. There was a whole lot more I didn’t know, than there was that I did know.

Since that realisation, I have been extending my sex knowledge with a panicked obsession. Because, being the utter twat that I am, I want to know it all.

And this is where the other sex blogs come in. All these amazing bloggers who work so damn hard to spread the word about sex. To increase understanding, acceptance and knowledge. There is no better place to learn about sex than from the people who are doing it and are experienced in sharing information about it. The people who are passionate enough about it to dedicate hours and hours of their lives to discussing it.

And these bloody awesome, exceptionally useful and dedicated people are being silenced! So, let’s share their shit!

Titles are links 😉

Little Switch Bitch – Which Nipple Clamps Should You Buy?

Part review, part guide, this post goes over three of the most common types of nipple clamps. This is the sort of post I wish I had read before I made my first nipple clamp purchase. Or my second for that matter…

Scandarella – Christmas Memories

Is there anyone left who hasn’t heard the praises sang on Ella’s writing? Not only is she a genius with words but she comes up with unique and creative plots again and again. This one will tug your heartstrings and, if you’re anything like me, make you weep a little. It’s a sad but really beautiful story.

Girl On The Net – My Love/Hate Relationship With Girl On The Net

As per usual I read something by Girl On The Net and thought, oh thank god it’s not just me! Sometimes I hate Aurora Glory. She’s not the me I wish I was, but she is a whole lot closer to it than I am. And whilst I love her because she is, in fact, me (meaning perhaps I’m not so useless after all) I’m bloody terrified that I am going to fuck everything up for her. Her reputation is in my notoriously clumsy hands.

MollysDailyKiss – Bound

Every week a few pictures will be on the Sinful Sunday meme to remind me that when it comes to amazing things, I’m pretty inarticulate. Like this photo for last weeks ‘red’ prompt. I can say it’s beautiful, jaw-dropping and spectacular. I can use one hundred explanation points. But I will still sit there totally gutted that I wasn’t able to convey just how breathtakingly genius I think it is.

Girly Juice – 12 Days of Girly Juice 2017: 9 Best New Sex Toys

When someone’s had a sex blog including reviews for as long as Girly Juice, you know their best new toys are likely to be damn good toys. Her round-up is short and to the point, whilst including just enough information to know if the toy would be right for you. I only have the two We Vibe’s from her list, so I have a lot of shopping to do!


Pain As Pleasure – Sexual Masochism or Self Harm?

This question has circled around my mind for months now and this week I finally found the courage to speak to someone about it. And then I found this post, which was exactly what I needed to read all along. It won’t resonate with everyone but if this is a question you have ever asked yourself, then I highly recommend reading it. I actually cried with gratitude to finally be able to see the difference.

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  1. Fabulous post Aurora I’m heading off to the oasis for an overnighter will check the links when I get back not internet up there. Well done, there are some tempting things to follow up.

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