Share Our Shit Saturday

#Share Our Shit Saturday – Number Seven!

#Share Our Shit Saturday – Number Seven!

Okay, so I’m bringing Share Our Shit Saturday back with a huge apology to all the amazing sex bloggers out there for having missed a couple weeks. And probably a whole load of amazing posts! Christmas was crazy busy and then I was the most disgustingly ill person ever. But, I’m healthy and less disgusting now with a list of posts that, for numerous reasons, should not be missed!

As always, titles are links 😉

Girl On The Net – Please Don’t Share That Dick Pic

She’s on my #SoSS more often than she’s not, and anyone who has read her writing will know why. This post had me saying yes, yes, yes! She voiced an opinion I couldn’t agree with more. And she did it so eloquently and with no judgement to the people that have been sharing the dick pics. (I mean, who can really blame them?!) In fact, she wrote it FOR them. To make them aware of the dangers involved in hopping on this new trend train.

I applaud her.

Mollys Daily Kiss – Book of the Month Club

The lighting in this photo is gorgeous. It has me desperate for the summer when I can soak up the sun with a good book. But I love this post too for what Molly has to say. She has the same resolution for this year as me and for exactly the same reasons. I hope we both manage to finish 2018 with 12 books enjoyed!

Cara Thereon – Everybody Poops

It’s the unwanted bonus of anal that no one wants to talk about. Except Cara did, and I love her for it! Anal is awesome, but the messy side has often left me feeling ashamed. Blogging so openly about personal things like this is incredibly hard, but it is so beneficial to the people reading it. This post reminded me I’m normal and for that, I’m incredibly grateful.

Candy Snatch Reviews – Two’s Company, Three’s a Party

Candy Snatch was featured in my monthly favourites last month and this post really shows why. It was both entertaining and seriously sexy. I hope if I ever have a MMF threesome, I’ll be lucky enough for it to go something like this.

A Poly Princess – What’s in My Bag: DD/LG Addition

All the cute things! A Poly Princess left a little teaser of this coming post on Twitter and I had been keeping an eye out for it. She certainly didn’t disappoint. I loved the intro and I loved to see all the pictures and descriptions of her bag contents. Especially as I feel like if I ever got the chance to experiment with my ddlg feelings, my bag would be totally different! Which makes her bag contents all the more interesting to see.

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