Share Our Shit Saturday – Number 9

Share Our Shit Saturday – Number 9

In just a weeks time I’ll be a full-time student. And honestly, I’m a bit nervous about how well I am going to juggle everything. My blog will always be a huge part of my life, but perhaps the 4 post a week goal may be somewhat ambitious. Fear not though, I will always be sharing enough sexy blogs each Saturday to keep you… Satisfied. Here are my top picks for this week!

Titles are links 😉

Teachers Have Sex – En Pointe

Two ridiculously divine photos make up this Sinful Sunday entry. Everything about these images is ‘on point’. The poses, the camera angles, the outfit. She just looks so elegant, so beautiful and so damn sexy.

Maria Opens Up – To Dream

This photograph is emotive and incredibly powerful. I adore how she is posed and the images grainy black and white edit. The contours of her body are simply stunning and the photo has a sad, vulnerability that makes it extra captivating.

Rebel’s Notes – Visions of Eight

Eight years running Rebel’s Notes! That is amazing! I hope in just over 6 years time I will be writing a similar blog post. It was wonderful to read a little about the blogging journey she has had. It especially fascinated me as I considered how different the world of blogging was 8 years ago. We have an abundance of blogging advice online now, but it wasn’t so easy for those starting out years ago. Which makes her hard work and determination even more admirable.

Girly Juice – Of Sound Mind and Somebody Else’s Body

This week one of my posts said that I won’t ever write book reviews because I wouldn’t know how to. Let alone how to write a good one. Well, Girly Juice really doesn’t have that problem. This is my idea of an absolutely perfect book review. Detailed, thoughtful, considerate… Fuck it. If I can’t write a book review, I certainly can’t write a review of a book review. If you enjoy them, then read it. I won’t be buying the book, but it was a pleasure to read the review anyway.

Miss Jezebella – Impolite Lips

This post is short but so damn powerful. It highlights something that has been on my mind A LOT lately. The things I do out of expectation. Especially, as Miss Jezebella has focused on here, hair removal. For so few words, this had such an impact on me and is such a thought-provoking piece of writing.


Emmeline Peaches – Clinging On For Life (How To Avoid Becoming A Codependent Partner)

A lot of the time I will read articles of this nature and they will be accusatory, incorrect and completely unhelpful. Emmeline captured codependency perfectly. She clearly knows exactly what she is talking about and discusses it without judgement. Codependency is damaging to both the people in the relationship. Her advice is a great starting point, to recognize the behaviours and to know what steps to take next.

This is only my picks for the week. If you want more then search #soss on Twitter to see what other bloggers have been loving most!

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  1. Thank you for the mention.
    Back when I started I have never thought that my blog would become what it did, and that I would still be busy with it. I am not planning to stop anytime soon, though 🙂

    Rebel xox

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