How To Sext – 6 Tips For Extremely Hot Sexting

How To Sext – 6 Tips For Extremely Hot Sexting

The first time somebody attempted to sext me, I freaked out. What on earth was I supposed to say? I wanted to keep getting these arousing messages but I had no idea how to respond to them and give something back to the sexting conversation. Usually, I referred to my vagina as a noonoo and penises were always weenuts. In other words, I was in way over my head.

Skip to a few years later and I can sext with the best of them. This skill isn’t just for texting either, I’ve had some good sexting sessions over Facebook and Tinder too! Now I’m going to reveal all my secrets to sexting success so you can join in the erotic writing fun too!

1. Language – There are no noonoos, willies or peepees allowed. Pussy, dick, cock and if you like (I’m not a fan) than c*nt.

2. Describing words – Try to be as descriptive as possible. For instance, use terms like ‘dripping wet’ pussy, ‘rock hard’ cock or rub yourself ‘hard and fast’.

3. Memory – Remember a really hot sex session you had? Use it for inspiration. For example, if you had sex against a wall you could say.. ‘I want you to grab me and press me hard against a wall. Then hold my hands over my head so I can’t play with my soaking wet pussy. I want you to take out your thick, hard cock and rub it against my throbbing clit’ So you get the picture right?

4. Relax – You’ve got to really get into it to get your creative uhhumm ‘juices’ flowing. In particular, just be honest about the things that really do turn you on. After all, we all fantasize about something, this is just a case of writing it down so you can share the experience with someone else. Besides, if you do say something that isn’t their cup of tea it’s fine, they are only going to be concentrating on the things you say that are getting them off.

5. Pay attention – The things they are sexting you are what turns them on. So if you really want to get them going just repeat it in your own words and from your perspective. For example, he sexts ‘I want to put my dick between your massive tits’ and you could reply ‘yeah, I want to squeeze your dick between my big tits whilst you play with my hard nipples.’

6. Ask questions – To keep things going when you feel like you’ve run out of things to say, ask some questions. For example, ‘What position do you want to fuck me in?’ or ‘What do you want to do with my dripping wet pussy’ or ‘Where do you want me to put my rock hard cock?’

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