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Sex Bloggers Review AFFORDABLE Sex Toys

Sex Bloggers Review AFFORDABLE Sex Toys

Sex Bloggers Review AFFORDABLE Sex Toys

Today I was at the shop, clutching my last £5 and trying to decide whether I needed food or heating more. I’m not unique in my level of poordom, there are people everywhere that can’t afford the bare minimum, let alone spend hundreds on sexual pleasure. If it weren’t for the fortune of being a reviewer my annual sex toy budget would probably be around £30.

So, with £30 to spend, where can a person go for in-depth sex toy reviews?

I knew there was a lack of budget-friendly sex toy reviews online, though it wasn’t until I started to search for them, that I realised just how lacking they are. Fear not, the reviews are there – you just have to look really hard to find them.

Well, until now…

My only conditions were that the product be £30 or under, body safe* and have a positive review. 


So Divine Je T'aime
So Divine Je T’aime

Penis Toys

Rocks Off Ohh! Moji! Bullet Vibrator Review
Rocks Off Ohh! Moji!

Anal Toys

Nikita Glass Dildo
Nikita Glass Dildo


Icicles No7 Tip
Icicles No7 Glass Dildo

What are your favourite affordable sex toys? 

Have a rummage through my Toy Box by clicking here! 

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*This is true for all toys except a couple of male masturbators. The reviews include warnings on materials used, which are never completely body safe for this type of product.

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  1. Love this – its going on my bookmarks page because I am all about sexy fun on a budget and all these brilliant reviews are here in 1 place!
    Also – thanks for including one of mine – bless you, I <3 the Bamboo lots!

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