Sensory Play – 5 Ways To Use Erotic Sound

Sensory Play – 5 Ways To Use Erotic Sound

You’ve got your partner tied up and blindfolded, but what do you do now?! You follow my sensory series on erotic sound, taste, touch and smell of course! There is nothing more exciting and erotic to me than having these four of my senses stimulated. Wearing the blindfold heightens your sensitivity and makes each experience all the more exciting and pleasurable.

Here are 5 things you can do that will arouse your partner just by using erotic sound.

1. Erotic audio books – Play an erotic audiobook and pleasure your partner in accordance with the story. Your partner will experience a whole new level of erotic fantasy.

2. Sex playlist – I have a music playlist on my laptop made purely for sex. It is full of slow, seductive songs and it really works wonders for setting the right mood.

3. Whisper – Whisper hot and dirty things in their ear. It’s like a secret just for the two of you. If you’re not good at dirty talk, try whispering about how sexy they look. Or how much you want them and how hard/wet they are making you.

4. Vibrations – If you have vibrating toys then get one out. Turn it on and let them lay waiting in anticipation. Tease them by slowly moving it around so they don’t know where you’re going to stimulate them with it. Keep them guessing as to which toy you’ve picked.

5. Earplugs – Take away their hearing as well as their sight with earplugs. Your partner will be going crazy with anticipation over what you’re going to do next. Their taste, smell and touch senses will be heightened even further and their whole bodies will be tingling with excitement. 

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