Photo of the Rocks Off Touch of Velvet on top of a pink and gold chocolate bar.

Review: Rocks Off Touch of Velvet Bullet Vibrator

Review: Rocks Off Touch of Velvet Bullet Vibrator

Rocks Off Touch of Velvet Bullet Vibrator Review

Rocks Off are swiftly becoming one of my favourite sex toy brands. Their products are body safe, beautifully designed and, most importantly, affordable! Although, all of that amounts to a big bucket of crap-all if they aren’t getting anyone ‘rocks off’, right? Well, I can honestly say with all the high-end vibrators I own, if the Rocks Off Touch of Velvet is closer, I’m going to use that. Granted, this is 50% due to the fact I am a lazy ass human. But, it is also 50% due to the fact this budget vibe brings me to a happy ending as effectively (and in some cases more effectively) than the vibrators with an eye-watering price tag.


The simplistic packaging is part of what makes this budget-friendly vibe affordable. Do I want to pay £20 more for a luxury box? No, thank you! The design on this thin box is still pretty and the toy is secured between plastic with a battery inserted, ready to brighten my day. And that is really all I need.

Photo of the Rocks Off Touch of Velvet Packaging. A rectangular black cardboard box with floral design.
Rocks Off Touch of Velvet Packaging


The Rocks Off Touch of Velvet is made of a matte, rose gold, ABS plastic. It’s completely body safe, as well as the shimmering plastic powerfully transmitting the motors roar. With a 3.75″ length and a 2.2″ circumference it’s a petite bullet ideal for external play. However, there is no reason you couldn’t take vaginal advantage of its 3″ insertable length.

The tip of the Touch of Velvet bullet is tapered, meaning the exceptionally precise is entirely possible. As a lover of precise stimulation, pressing the edge of the tapered tip against my clitoris is masturbatory perfection. Using the point of the tip though? That resembles jamming a blunt kebab skewer into my bits… i.e not remotely pleasurable.

I personally find it amazing that such a budget-friendly vibrator is waterproof too. Toys ten times the price don’t have that aquatic luxury. I’ve used it numerous times underwater, for discreet orgasm filled baths, and it is still buzzing strong.

Whilst it doesn’t have the expensive luxury of rechargeability, it does only require an AAA battery. You could pick up a year’s worth of orgasm power at your local pound shop. And I intend to.

Photo of the Rocks Off Touch of Velvet with battery cap undone and AAA battery.
Rocks Off Touch of Velvet Battery Compartment


One push button controls the 10 orgasm inducing functions of the Rocks Off Touch of Velvet. With 3 varied intensities and 7 standard patterns, it has all anyone could need for a buzzing good time. Naturally, I go straight for the highest intensity and settle in for my inevitable orgasm.

Unlike a recent Rocks Off bullet I reviewed, the intensities start at the lowest and increase with clicks. This makes for the perfect pleasure build up. The push button is also very easy to navigate during use and really responsive to even light caresses. Much like my nipples…

Close up photo of the Rocks Off Touch of Velvet Control Button. A round button on the base of the battery cap base.
Rocks Off Touch of Velvet Control Button


Of course, with a bullet as cheap as the Rocks Off Touch of Velvet, you aren’t going to get deep rumbling vibrations. But its buzzing vibes aren’t bad. Not only are they powerful enough to bring me to climax (and power is necessary for me), they also don’t have the high pitched numbing buzz of other horrible vibrators. Those vibrators only lead to explosive rage, not the desired explosive orgasms the Touch of Velvet regularly bestows upon me.

It really isn’t a particularly noisy sex toy. Unfortunately, the second it comes into contact with my body it turns from perfectly discreet to ‘a race to orgasm before the vibe drowning song ends and the entire house knows exactly what I’m doing.’ Hence my thorough testing of the Rocks Off Touch of Velvet, in the bath.

Photo of the Rocks Off Touch of Velvet on a plain white background.
Rocks Off Touch of Velvet

Play Time

I’ve used the Rocks Off Touch of Velvet a lot more than necessary in order to write a review. It does the job just as a clitoral vibrator should, and as such, I reach for it regularly. It is yet to fail at bringing me to the vaginal clenching, breathtaking orgasms I crave.

Light and comfortable to hold, I press the edge of the tapered tip against my clitoris. The plastic is too hard to move around comfortably, but using my other hand, I can massage the surrounding labia to give the same sensation. And it is gooood. More than good. It’s explosive. Delicious. Remarkable. Magnificant. Exquisite. Sensational…

I think you get the idea.

Basically, the shape works for me. The texture works for me and the strength works for me. It won’t be true of everyone, but if precise, strong, plastic clitoral vibes rock your world, the Rocks Off Touch of Velvet is probably going to be a winner.

Close up of the tapered tip of the Rocks Off Touch of Velvet. A gently curved pointed tip.
Rocks Off Touch of Velvet Tapered Tip


Vibrators like this prove spending more is unnecessary. If all you really want is a clitoral vibrator that is going to get you off, the Rocks Off Touch of Velvet has got you covered. It’s perfect for use on its own, with insertable toys and during penetrative sex. It’s got power, it’s body safe and it’s waterproof. I really have very little I could say against this little bullet. It excels at giving me orgasms, what more could I want?

If you would like to try the Rocks Off Touch of Velvet, you can purchase one here for £15.99

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Huge thanks to Rocks Off for sending me the Rocks Off Touch of Velvet in exchange for an honest review!

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