Holding the Rocks Off Mondri-Anne over a blue background. Thumbnail decorated with Mondri-Anne inspired block colours.

Review: Rocks Off Mondri-Anne Bullet Vibrator

Review: Rocks Off Mondri-Anne Bullet Vibrator

Rocks Off Mondri-Anne Review

Not everyone can afford to splurge hundreds on sexual pleasure and they really don’t have to. With brands like Rocks Off, budget-friendly and beautifully designed sex toys are just a click away. On top of that these cheap toys are both body-safe and pretty damn effective. Before my passion for sex toys arose I spent a very happy year or so with nothing but a bank balance friendly bullet vibrator just like the Rocks Off Mondri-Anne. Although, arguably not quite as pretty.


The cardboard packaging for the Mondri-Anne is in keeping with its gorgeous artistic design. Inside, the Rocks Off vibe is nestled between plastic, battery inserted and ready to go, go, go.

Photo of the Rocks Off Mondri-Anne Packaging. A black cardboard box with Mondrian inspired print in white, blue, yellow and pink.
Rocks Off Mondri-Anne Packaging


Completely body-safe, this bullet vibrator is made of hard and smooth ABS plastic. It is 4 inches in length with a petite circumference of 2.5 inches. What really makes the Mondri-Anne stand out amongst other vibrators though is the beautiful artistic design. Based, of course, on the iconic abstract artwork of the famous painter, Mondrian.

It does seem to me that a lot of Rocks Off’s bullet vibrators are very similar in shape and power. What really makes one stand out from the other is their designs. The Mondri-Anne is identical in shape to the Bamboo line, but (in my opinion) one thousand times better in design.

It’s just soo pretty <3

This bullet has a lipstick style shape, meaning there is a precise, angled flat tip. Unlike normal tapered tips, there is room for experimentation with this lipstick shape. I can use the thin edge for extremely precise stimulation, or the flat edge for less precision.

Close up of the angled flat tip of the Rocks Off Mondri-Anne
Rocks Off Mondri-Anne Lipstick Style Tip

Want to know what else I can do with the Rocks Off Mondri-Anne? I can get off in the tub with it! Waterproof pleasures don’t have to be expensive, this budget-friendly bullet is completely submersible. Tried and tested to a bathtime orgasm by me. You’re welcome.

I must admit, the joys of rechargeable sex toys have become quite standard for me. So, a battery operated vibrator almost feels a bit… Retro? Fortunately, this one does come with a battery inserted and only requires an AAA replacement. Who doesn’t have one of those lurking around the house, just waiting to give you future orgasms?

Photo of the Rocks Off Mondri-Anne with the battery compartment open and a AAA battery.
Rocks Off Mondri-Anne Battery Compartment


There are 10 vibration options, which is just enough to suit a one-button control. Any more and you might spend more time scrolling through, than getting off. Although… Probably not.

The button control is at the base of the Mondri-Anne and clicking it will take you through an orgasmic journey of 3 steady vibe intensities and 7 pleasing patterns. Which is really all any of us need. Interestingly, Rocks Off made this bullet start at its highest vibration setting, which is more than rare in the sex toy world. As a lover of power, I really appreciate this difference, but someone who likes to build up the intensity is going to find it totally backwards.

The pink button is responsive and easy to navigate during play as it protrudes slightly from the base.

Photo of the Rocks Off Mondri-Anne Button Control. A pink square button with the Rocks Off heart logo.
Rocks Off Mondri-Anne Button Control


If you are a sucker for hardcore power and already own a rip-roaring vibrator, there isn’t much this little Rocks Off vibe can bring into your life. Except, perhaps, all the pretty?

The vibrations are standard for a lower end sex toy – mostly buzzy and not mind-blowingly powerful. Do I think you can get better for the price? No, I don’t.

As far as volume goes, the Mondri-Anne is on the mid-range. Some background music will drown out the buzz, or like me, you could take it in the bath for some discreet fun!

Play Time

Rocks Off bullet vibrators never fail to excite me in design but as a means to orgasm? Not so much. However, I am in the very fortunate position of owning a sex toy review blog and as such, a shit load of vibrators. Would the Mondri-Anne have excited me back when I was new to sex toys? Of course! Rocks Off didn’t design this bullet for people like me, they designed it for non-enthusiasts. People who just want to get off without bleeding their bank account dry. And that’s exactly what it does. Just about…

The Rocks Off Mondri-Anne is definitely a vibrator for the precise stimulation lovers out there. The flat angled edge comfortably fits over my clitoris and hood. The hard plastic may be too uncomfortable for some people, but it is actually my material of choice for clitoral stimulation as it transmits the vibrations better than silicone toys. However, even I found it to be somewhat uncomfortable when I tried to use just the corner edge of the tip.

Using this on its own does not bring me to orgasm. It just doesn’t have the power I need. Most Rocks Off bullets seem to have a touch more, giving just enough juice to tip me over the edge. Fortunately, all was not lost. A bit of internal stimulation added to the mix and I can achieve the orgasm I crave. They aren’t life-changing orgasms, but they tamed my clits excitable twitch for a day.

Full photo of the Rocks Off Mondri-Anne on a white background
Rocks Off Mondri-Anne


This would have been the perfect vibrator for me when I was 18 and totally new to sex toys. Now I’ve had better, so it just doesn’t cut it. Not everyone wants the sort of power I need though, so if you’re looking for a purr rather than a roar the Rocks Off Mondri-Anne could be purrfect (I’m not even sorry). All it requires is a lover of precise, gentle vibrations and a hard plastic exterior.

If you would like to try the Rocks Off Mondri-Anne you can purchase one here for £18.99

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Huge thanks to Rocks Off for sending me the Mondri-Anne in exchange for an honest review.

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Rocks Off Mondri-Anne

Rocks Off Mondri-Anne

Vibe Power

5.0 /10

Noise (1 = loud)

6.5 /10

Orgasm Rating

4.0 /10


10.0 /10

Ease of Use

10.0 /10


  • Beautiful Design
  • Body Safe Materials
  • Simple Controls
  • Waterproof
  • Budget-Friendly


  • Weak Vibrations
  • Buzzy Vibrations
  • Battery Powered

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  1. I brought this vibrator as a gift for my wife, i liked the shape and design. Even though it’s not very powerful, this is great for couple’s play when you want precise stimulation. It’s very versatile and easy to transport. To be frank this is a great toy even though its main con is that it’s battery operated.

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