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Review: Satisfyer Pro Traveller

Review: Satisfyer Pro Traveller

Satisfyer Pro Traveller Review

Clitoral suction technology is the most exciting thing to happen to my sex toy collection since I bought my first sex toy. It introduced me to a whole new way of masturbating. An intense and prolonged experience. Instead of the wank-and-go method, I’ve spent years mastering. The Satisfyer Pro Traveller is yet another addition to this new and exciting sex tech. Satisfyer is the brand who introduced me to this new world of wanking and I’ve been fortunate enough to get off on their journey of improving what they already seemed to do so well.


What makes the Satisfyer Pro Traveller any different to the other Satisfyers on the market? The clue is in the name. This model is ideal for taking out and about, thanks to its magnetic cap. Not only does it look like nothing but a perfume bottle stashed in my handbag, the cap also keeps the nozzle clean from any dust, lint or random mints that are hanging around in the bottom of my bag. As grateful as I am for these bonuses, they don’t quite compare to the ease of mind in knowing a sex toy isn’t going to randomly switch on whilst I’m sat on a very busy train. The cap keeps the buttons covered and thus, my face from turning a very cherry-like shade of red.

Image of the Satisfyer Pro Traveller with cap on.
Satisfyer Pro Traveller Cap


Firstly, I appreciate brands like Satisfyer. I appreciate the fact they have respect for the bodies of the people they are making products for. Both the ABS plastic and the soft silicone of the Satisfyer Pro Traveller are body safe. Sometimes I spend too long in my sex toy reviewer bubble and I forget how many brands there still are who don’t make body-safety a priority. Satisfyer does. Along with high quality, effectiveness and affordability. A very hard to ignore combination.

Close up image of the Satisfyer Pro Traveller Circular Nozzle
Satisfyer Pro Traveller Nozzle

The design of this model is sleek and compact. With aubergine and gold colouring as well, it has just about everything that makes me turn into a heart-eye emoji. If sex toys were fashion accessories, this would be the ultimate in style.

However, sex toys are more about pleasure and functionality than Vogue front covers. The Satisfyer Pro Traveller is not only sexy to look at, but it’s also sexy to use. With its waterproof design, it can even be sexy to use in the shower, the bath or if your lifestyle is far better than mine, the hot tub.

Satisfyer gave up on batteries a while ago and now makes its toys rechargeable. Hurray for the environment! The usb charger clips to the base magnetically. I have found some other magnetic chargers cheap and flimsy, but this is a high-quality charger, that firmly stays in place.

Image of the Satisfyer Pro Traveller with white usb Charger.
Satisfyer Pro Traveller Charger


I would go as far as to say that variability with clitoral suction sex toys is not just a bonus, it is necessary. There is a very small gap for me between ‘I could do this forever and never come’ and ‘my clit is being sucked off and I want it to stop now’. This gap for me is around the mid range. For other people, it’s lower, and others probably get off on the highest of the intensities. The Satisfyer Pro Traveller has 11 increasing sucking intensities, ranging from barely there to holy crap. Regardless of a person’s clitoral sensitivity, this sucker has a setting for practically everyone. All controlled by large plus and minus buttons which are easy to navigate during use.

Image of the Satisfyer Pro Traveller plus and minus Buttons
Satisfyer Pro Traveller Buttons

Play Time

I’ll be honest here – Satisfyer is not my favourite brand of clitoral suction sex toy. However, when I did a poll on Twitter they by far came out on top. Not only were they the favourite amongst many, but they are also the most affordable. Apparently, Satisfyer knows how to satisfy both the clitoris and the wallet.

I started on the lowest setting. At first touch, it was so gentle I could barely feel it. Only enough to increase my arousal and warm me up for what was to come. I let my mind wander to latex and erections and reverse cowgirl bounces.

It was time to crank things up a notch.

The Satisfyer works its suction magic as I writhe in pleasurable frustration. As soon as I hit my favourite intensity, I feel on the edge of orgasm but unable to pull myself over. Those seconds right before you come, are the most pleasurable moments of an orgasm. The Satisfyer turns those seconds into minutes.

My clitoris is ready, it’s just waiting for my mind, my fantasy, to catch up. The suction feels like oral, only drier and more precise. My vulva has just one sweet spot for the nozzle to suck onto and I lay motionless for fear of losing the incredible sensation for even a second. It’s not a toy I can have sex with, or use an insertable toy with. It is one I can only lay back and enjoy.

After a few, indescribably intense and pleasurable minutes, it finally pulls me over the edge of orgasm. Clitoral suction orgasms are like no other. They take over my entire body, leaving me both desperate for more and equally fulfilled.

Image of the Satisfyer Pro Traveller with cap laying next to it.
Satisfyer Pro Traveller Open


Despite Satisfyer not being a personal favourite, they are the brand I would recommend first to anyone new to this type of sex tech. The difference between brands is so minor, the Satisfyer Pro Traveller offers a good introduction and representation of what clitoral suction has to offer. Not only this, but the Traveller is incredibly user-friendly. It is a toy that is visually discrete (though not audibly), rechargeable, waterproof, hygienic and seriously damn effective. I have no doubt, this is the toy I will grab when on my travels.

You can purchase the Satisfyer Pro Traveller here for £44.99

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Huge thanks to Bondara for sending me the Satisfyer Pro Traveller in exchange for an honest review!

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Satisfyer Pro Traveller

Satisfyer Pro Traveller

Orgasm Rating

10.0 /10


10.0 /10


10.0 /10


10.0 /10

Noise (1=loud)

3.0 /10


  • Body Safe Materials
  • Variability
  • Beautiful Design
  • Powerful Orgasms
  • High Quality


  • Quite Loud

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