Feature photo for the April/May LoveDrop Subscription Box review. Image shows all included items on top of black curled paper.

Review: April/May LoveDrop Subscription Box

Review: April/May LoveDrop Subscription Box

April/May LoveDrop Subscription Box Review

If there was ever a relationship in need of a little drop of love, it’s mine. Sure, my partner and I have buzzing objects coming out of our ears, but the romance? That is very close to being dead. With kids and work and uni and blogging and housework, who the hell has time for intimacy anymore?

No one. No one has the time.

And isn’t that why we all need an excuse every now and again to put the laptop, hoover, phone or *insert distracting object*, down?

LoveDrop is a UK bi-monthly subscription box that reminds and encourages you to take the time to enjoy one another. Now, maybe it’s because I’m a total sucker for a subscription box, but from the second it comes to my door… It works. From the text to say it’s arrived, the evening spent rummaging through the goodies together, the time we take to make romantic and sexy plans and finally, the best bit, the doing of those intimate plans.

* As with my last Lovedrop box review, I do have to include an apology. The subscription box is currently aimed at cis-hetero couples. Whilst the items would be great for anyone (including the prompt cards), the language used in the booklet is very non-inclusive. I am sorry for anyone who may feel invalidated by this review. *

So, What Goodies Did We Get?

This box was definitely all about the romance. Think candlelit bubble baths and massage. This is the stuff I need, it’s the stuff my relationship craves. It’s also the ultimate aftercare package for when things get a bit DS in the bedroom.

Bijoux Indiscrets – Twenty One

I loved the inclusion of this golden vibrator. Because what genitals don’t deserve a gigantic vibrating diamond pressed up against them? Mine certainly do. More than that though, this is a toy that can be used on or by anyone, regardless of what bits they’ve got hidden down their trousers. On top of its awesome inclusivity, it’s a pretty damn good vibe. Which for something that’s been made to look like a diamond, honestly shocked me. Surely, it was going to be one of those vibrators that looked good but had a motor like total crap? But, it didn’t. It ripped and roared until I reached a powerful climax within minutes.

Photo of the gold diamond Bijoux Indiscrets Twenty One vibrator
Bijoux Indiscrets Twenty One

The Devon Fudge Company – Gin and Grapefruit Fudge

I really thought this fudge was going to be for an acquired taste. One of which I did not have. However, the Gin and Grapefruit were subtle and the fudge was dreamily creamy. He fed me a piece, I fed him a piece, I put it in the cupboard and by morning it was all gone. What can I say, it’s the perfect post-shag snack.

Photo of the The Devon Fudge Company - Gin and Grapefruit Fudge, in pink bag.
The Devon Fudge Company – Gin and Grapefruit Fudge

GK Natural Creations – Bath Truffle Selection

Baths are one of my favourite ways to get romantic with my partner. We have bubbles, candles, kisses and the time to really chat and giggle. Adding a bath bomb into the mix could only make things even better, right?

I honestly think smells are underrated. They can completely change a mood, they can make something simple into something exceptional. Certain smells even have the power to send me straight to sleep. Smells like these, for instance. I can’t say it’s a bad thing though, a post-sex bath with one of these bombs was perfect. They are at I-can’t-stop-stroking-myself levels of moisturising, which naturally makes after bath cuddles incredible. It took only minutes for me to fall asleep in his arms. Talk about romantic…

Photo of the GK Natural Creations - Bath Truffle Selection. Thre bath bombs in a cradboard box with wood curls.
GK Natural Creations – Bath Truffle Selection

GK Natural Creations – Neroli Soap

Not only does this soap look cute as hell in my bathroom, it’s the perfect companion to the bath truffles. It smells amazing and, whilst I can’t give the soap all the credit, it feels damn good having it rubbed all over my body.

Photo of GK Natural Creations - Neroli Soap. A small rectangular bar of soap.
GK Natural Creations – Neroli Soap

LoveDrop Prompt Cards x 8

The addition of these 8 little cardboard cards is one of my favourite things about the LoveDrop boxes. You get one to enjoy for every week you’re waiting for your next box to come through. It’s not just one date in a box, it’s 8. Not only are they sexy, but there are romantic ones to play with too. They are also inclusive of any gender duo and are fun to collect and reuse. My personal favourite from this box is…

Teach Me

Your partner has to show you the areas and ways they like to be touched whilst actually touching themselves at the same time.

The sexy part of this one is being told and observing. So be vocal, descriptive and confident. 

Photo of the LoveDrop Box Prompt Cards, scattered.
LoveDrop Box Prompt Cards

Bijoux Indiscrets Sachets x 3

With 2 massage oils and a massage gel, these little sample sachets are perfect for upping the intimacy. Massage is my go-to when I want to increase the passion and romance, and this trio of scents is perfect for some alone time together. My box included soft caramel and salt, wild strawberry and honey, and the 2-in-1 Aphrodisia. All of which smell sooo incredibly good, are long-lasting AND a little really does go a long way. Which is helpful, since you really don’t go much in a sample.

Funnily enough, I actually have quite a lot of sample sachets similar to these that I never use. Getting them in the LoveDrop box made them feel more special though and part of the date night experiences.

*Tip* We used one of these with the flat side of the Bijoux Indiscrets Twenty One. Highly recommend!

Photo of the Bijoux Indiscrets Sachets samples. Small square packets of massage oil.
Bijoux Indiscrets Sachets

LoveDrop Booklet

As if the prompt cards weren’t enough to keep you and your partner busy, the booklet includes some challenges, a date idea and a ‘position of the month’ too. Whilst we didn’t try them all, we had a go at the ones that got us excited. And honestly, just reading through them together was an enjoyable experience.

Photo of the LoveDrop Box Booklet open.
LoveDrop Box Booklet

With a combined RRP of over £70, it’s clear you get your money’s worth with this selection of date night treats. Though I do question the £9.95 RRP placed on the prompt cards… I mean, seriously? Almost a tenner? I just really do not think so.

Forgetting that minor complaint though, this box makes me feel like I’ve got the best of three subscription boxes – a sexy one, a beauty one and a snack one. All of which are subscription boxes I have or do sign up for. Because who doesn’t love surprises in the post?


The April/May LoveDrop box couldn’t have been more ideal for mine and partner’s needs. We needed an excuse to get intimate and romantic and that is exactly what we got. It made us stop and take notice of one another, both emotionally and physically. Really the only thing I would change about these subscription boxes is the exclusive language sometimes used – it’s completely unnecessary. But aside from that, I love it and I love the precious moments it’s given us. Yes, I could buy these items separately, but it wouldn’t be the same. I’d miss out on sharing the surprise, on the excitement at its arrival and I wouldn’t be inspired to try things we otherwise never would have.

I also have to say, as someone dealing with a low sex drive right now, it was wonderful that none of the items had to involve penetrative sex. I was really able to enjoy this box, and my partner, despite my lack of horn.

Photo of the Bijoux Indiscrets Twenty One and it's gold cube box.
Bijoux Indiscrets Twenty One

If you would like to sign up for the bi-monthly LoveDrop box, you can find them here for £45 

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Huge thanks to LoveDrop for sending me their April/May LoveDrop Subscription Box in exchange for an honest review!

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