Feature photo for the Adrien Lastic Caress Review. The toy and one attachment on top of an open book.

Review: Adrien Lastic Caress – Oral Sensations

Review: Adrien Lastic Caress – Oral Sensations

Adrien Lastic Caress Review

I don’t know about you, but my clitoris is very much in favour of a caress now and again. What’s not to love about a bit of genital affection? Whether that affection is given to me by someone else or is a bit of solo loving with the help of a good sex toy, I’m definitely all for it. The Adrien Lastic Caress delivered to me what its name promised. A clitoris that is both lovingly and gently stimulated. The ridiculous resulting orgasm was just the cherry on top.


I’m always a fan of a sleek, sturdy box. Something that makes me feel like I’m having a real treat. The Adrien Lastic Caress box didn’t at all disappoint, with a branded sleeve covering a pristine white box, with logo. Inside, my bright pink clit caresser lay cushioned, along with its 5 different attachments. With a squeal of delight, at the bottom of my sleek and sexy box, I spotted my favourite sex toy addition ever. A storage pouch.

Photo of the Adrien Lastic Caress Packaging. A white square box with image of the Caress on top.
Adrien Lastic Caress Packaging


I used to have a little moan every time a pink sex toy came into my life. Sex toy – good. Pink – Not abloodygain. But, I’m starting to soften towards the overused colour, and can’t say I feel especially mad about the bright Barbie pink silicone of the Caress.

What, on earth, has happened to me?

Perhaps, I find it forgivable as it has so much more going for it? Like the ergonomic shape that fits snug in the palm of my hand, making my half hour wank seshes a comfortable (not to mention, pleasurable) experience. Or maybe, it’s forgiven for more functional purposes, like rechargeability and ‘in the shower’ fuckability? Could it also be the 11 different functions or 5 different attachments? Honestly, I think it takes a combination of all of the above for me to not get mad about pink. And the addition of a neighbour-waking orgasm, naturally.

Photo of the Adrien Lastic Caress with propeller attachment.
Adrien Lastic Caress


The Adrien Lastic Caress comes with 5 flexible silicone attachments, that from the outside all look extremely different. However, when they’re lubed up and kissing your bits, the differences become very subtle. We all know though, that no two vulvas are the same, so a subtle difference can be a big difference when it comes to one vulva and the next. What rocks my world may be a subtle step away from what rocks yours. Whilst the smaller propellor style was my personal favourite, they all gave me a reason to arch my back and make indecipherable sounds. Except, perhaps, the bunny ear style which steered too far from oral simulation goodness.

Photo of the 5 Adrien Lastic Caress Attachments. Two differing size propeller shapes, two with differing sized nubs and a rabbit ear style attachment.
Adrien Lastic Caress Attachments


The Adrien Lastic Caress comes with a usb charging cable that can be magnetically clipped to the toy to work its rejuicing magic. A full ‘ready to thrill you’ charge takes about three hours. Let’s just hope it never runs out on anyone mid-wank… That could be a very long three hours.

Image of the Adrien Lastic Caress with magnetic charger attached.
Charging the Adrien Lastic Caress


Variability is clearly something Adrien Lastic felt was important when designing the Caress. Not only did they give us five attachments to play with, they also gave us motors capable of eleven different functions. Well, aren’t we spoilt? In order to spoil us rotten, this pink clitoral tickler has two motors. One to rotate in ten different ways and one to vibrate.

The side of the Adrien Lastic Caress has a button to scroll through the slightly different functions and the delicious mix of sensations they provide. It’s easy to navigate during use and simply scrolls through each mode of stimulation. One click past your favourite and you’ll have to scroll all the way back through to get to your sweet setting again.

Photo of the Adrien Lastic Caress with Attachment undone, demonstrating how it secures on.
Adrien Lastic Caress with Attachment

Play Time

Like many a sex blogger, I am a power diva. I want the most rip-roaring motors against my clit, vrooming it to the point at which I fear it may burn off. So, whilst I do love a clitoral caress for foreplay, I can’t say I was expecting fireworks from this Caress.

I’m not entirely sure my vulva has seen quite so much lube. If it had lungs, I’d have drowned it. I wanted as close to an oral simulation as possible and lube was how to get there. I wanted to close my eyes and imagine there was a sexy being lapping at my clitoris, as opposed to a silicone machine.

And it worked.

I was entirely in the fantasy, getting the best damn head of my life. Sure, the rotation is gentle, but as minute after minute passed, I built up to the edge of explosion. As far as oral simulators go, the Caress gets top marks. I haven’t had multiple orgasms quite like that in a very long time.

If you’re curious about the Adrien Lastic Caress but aren’t sure it’s got the necessary oomph for you, the best comparison I can give is clitoral suction toys. If you like the slow build up, the desperation for more, the aching need for release, and then the thunderous orgasm that follows… Well, that’s what I experienced with the Caress. What it lacks in suction it makes up for in movement.

Now, before I leave you thinking there is not a bad word to say about this orgasm-inducing device, you should be warned of its volume. Unlike actual oral, in which I’m the only one making a racket, this little machine gives me a run for my money. We are in a battle of the voices and the Adrien Lastic Caress triumphs.


You can’t review an oral simulator without including its bum licking capabilities, right? Whilst I’m not a master of the rimming practice, I’ve had enough tongue near my ass to make a worthy comparison. The conclusion is quite simple, if you like a rim job I find it very hard to believe you won’t be into this. Whilst the stimulation is only external, it genuinely mimics the most thorough of tongue-to-ass waggling. It’s good people. Very, very good.

Photo of the Adrien Lastic Caress and its attachments on top of the white satin storage pouch.
Adrien Lastic Caress with storage pouch


The Adrien Lastic Caress may be gentle, but the orgasms it ignites most definitely are not. It took my breath away, both metaphorically and literally. It’s a fantastic option for anyone who enjoys the teasing build-up of oral sex or suction toys. The sensations are both unique and pleasurable, whether it’s tickling my clit or my ass. I am very much impressed and my oral fantasy and I will be returning to the Caress again and again.

If you would like to get a kiss from the Adrien Lastic Caress you can purchase one here for $99

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Huge thanks to Adrien Lastic for sending me the Adrien Lastic Caress in exchange for an honest review!

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